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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Courtney Coventry and the Labour Lord Levy's curious offer - Amazing Pictures !!

My very good (and very beautifuland talented) friend Courtney Coventry has asked me to publicise her smashing new website which includes amongst many other fascinating documents her statement to the PC Plod;

"...Lord Levy then proceeded to push further and said that given the right amount he mentioned 500000 pounds and 300000 pounds he would make sure “Tony” would have John put on the honors list. We were more than a little taken aback but before we could fully register what had been said Lord Levy called Mr. Blair over and said that we were going to make a substantial donation to the party and then added that he was sure we could arrange an honour for services to the party. Mr. Blair looking a little embarrassed nodded and smiled..."

Fascinating also to read about the handy Jane Hogarth, head of corporate relations and fundraising, and close co-worker in extortion with Lord Levy, who took voluntary redundancy in June last year ... also the truth about those porn films, Hugh Hefner's mansion and THOSE drug fuelled parties.

Also fascinating to Labour Party Archivists (and maybe a few activists) to see the invite to the Manchester Labour Party Conference last year for my very dear friend in the name of Darren Milner, the corporate relations manager, signed by his sidekick the glamorous, raven haired Sairina Ramakrishnan, both sadly no longer with the Labour Party.
..also Plod's arrangements to fly the bubbly babe into London From Nice ... bang there goes another few quid.

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Your "good friend" :) said...

Hello my "good friend". Just wanted to stop by and say I appreciate your support. This whole thing has become a mess. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished and this situation cetainly makes that point. A page(www.courtneycoventry.com/london) has just been added to the site on the rather odd visit I made for the purpose of giving a statement. I still don't know for certain who was responsible for what went on although I have a very good idea.
All the best

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