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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Courtney Coventry and the Met's magical Mystery Tour

My very good friend Courtney jetted into London on 26th June 2007 at the tax payer's cost and the Met's behest and then very rapidly turned around and jetted back to Nice at the taxpayer's cost and the Met's behest. Read her account of this strange and hectic day, a tale of odd mobile telephone calls, press photographers who unerringly find the right hotel to hang around, hastily re-arranged airflights ...

Consider why her Plod minders were told by their "superior" that ..."due to (the) amount of press his "superior" did not want to proceed with my statement at this time and they were going to try to change my flights to get me out of the country as soon as possible."

Courtney particularly asked that everyone understands that ...

"I am the ONLY person who has actually come forward and said that Lord Levy did offer honours in exchange for cash and that Blair was aware of this."

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mary said...

Courtney Coventry's entire trip seems staged by the Met or their "superior" to make her look bad. After having a read of her site I think she has been very hard done to by the press. To top it all off it seems the poor thing is not a porn star as they have labeled her either. Levy is a horrible person who gets off scott free because of his money and powerful friends. Shame on him!

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