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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Gordon Brown lets slip Bush's Scottish secret holidays .... time to open up the Colgate

"you went to Scotland, you told me, at the age of 14, and had to sit through very long Presbyterian Church services in which you didn't understand a word of what the minister was actually saying. (Laughter.)" G.Brown. WH Press Conference with G Bush

Therein lies a tale - an inadvertent slip by Gordy or a deliberate move to embarass the President ?

The reason for the Great Decider's youthful exposure to the Scottish Presbyterian Church may not be secret but it is little known or discussed....

Briefly, Bill Gemmell Snr. was very Blue chip (and very rich) Edinburgh Merchant Banker - an outfit on Charlotte Square called Sime Ivory. In the 50/60's they helped fund an outfit in Texas called Zapata Oil run by (they also pulled his nuts out of the financial fire when Arbusto Energy finally sank in the Gulf of Mexico) ...George Bush Senior .. whose son George Bush Jnr (now President) ... who used to come and play in the summer on the Gemmell family Renfrew estate (and young Bill Gemmell got reciprocal invitations to the Bush summer compound at Kennebunkport).

Such good friends that when Bill Gemmell Jnr married, that George Bush Jnr few over to be Best Man at Bill's wedding... and when George was President and came over to the UK to have cucumber sandwishes with the Queen and discuss how things were going in Iraq with Tony in November 2003, Bill Gemmell Jnr was at Buckingham Palace browsing and sluicing with the best. ( David Blunkett dog handler and father of the child William, then stirring within her loins, accompanied an American lady called Mrs Quinn whose sexual liasions were not then a matter of public knowledge .. but let that one pass.).

Now Bill Gemmell Jnr had started an oil exploration ourfit called Cairn Energy Ltd which went public and Cairn Energy PLC had their swanky offices opened by ... Tony Blair. (Bill Gemmell Jnr became Sir Bill Gemmell in 2004 by the way) .

So. ?

Well Bill Gemmell went to a school in Edinburgh. So did Tony Blair. They were both at Fettes. They played (probably amongst other things) Fives together (an obscure British Public School game of racquets) . They knew each other and evidently kept in touch.

Did the youthful Tony Blair ever share times together at the Gemmell's Renfrew Estate when George Bush Jnr was being bored rigid by the Presbyters of Scotland ?

If they did, maybe they shared their Colgate toothpaste ... nudge, nduge, ...wink wank.

This is George Bush Snr with his grandchildren , Dubya's twins, in bed on his birthday. A happy picture from Time magazine (88/89) at the time that stories were being whispered about Bush's "problem", and his association with the Franklin Credit Union's Lawrence King was becoming an issue.

Now what is that pyramid thingummyjig on GB's lap ? More >>>>

Memo : Lord Patel plse look up Max Mazy, Texana, Baker, Rajasthan oil leases, US Embassy Bangladesh ..love Toni Fabuloso

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