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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guradian - first with the very, very old news

Felicity Lawrence writes in the Guradian today ..."The miracle of cheap fresh food depends on illegality". Breathlessly she tells us that Midlands fruit and vegetable packers Bomfords went bust ...er... well not quite Felicity they went into administration .. and that the the Gangmaster Licensing Authority inspected Bomfords.

What she fails to mention is that the Gangmaster Licensing Authority on March 8th 2007 busted several labour gangs in dawn raids on Bomfords just a month after the new labour laws came into effect for agricultural workers.

Subsequently Bomfords called in Deloitte , Birmingham, as Administrators on June 22nd ....
Lord Patel provided all this information at the time and related the firm's cash problems to the previous arival of the GLA gangbusters.

1. Lord Patel gave a breakdown of the GLA, the new laws on labour only subcontractors in the food industry and the new Chairman Paul Whitehouse's plans in November 2006 Chinese Cockle Pickers - new laws and prizes all round

2. Lord Patel detailed the raids on 7firms of Gangmasters at Bomfords on Thurday March 8th 2007 in a detailed post the following day "Ex Sussex Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse in gang busting mode at the GLA" (they were lucky when he was CC at East Sussex Police his men used to shoot naked unarmed men in bed, dead, in dawn raids)

3. Lord Patel also reported in detail on June 26th 2007 of the calling in of Deloitte's as administrators by Bomfords on June 22nd 2007 as a consequence .."Gangmaster gangbustin' raids lead to business failure to Bomfords ... supplier to UK supermarkets of salads .. more to follow ? Prices to shoot up ?

4. Lord Patel also forecast that Tesco's et al would know nothing about as he put it...
In his role as Gypsy Petulengro he forecast that ...

No doubt the administrators and new owners will take note of the requirements for employing casual agricultural labour through gangmasters .... this may result in higher prices for your radishes and lettuces in Waitrose ,Sainsbury's,Morrison's, Asda , Tesco and Somerfield etc., this week.

Exploiters of immigrant labour who provide shit jobs, with shit "accomodation", shit working conditions however distant from the gangmasters will take note. Major retailers cannot continue to sit in their boardrooms and allow exploitation of workers supplying their stores.

Gypsy Petulengro tells Lord Patel that the spokespersons of the major supermarket groups when (or if asked by the major media outlets) about the impact on salad crop prices will deny all knowledge of exploitation , breach of HSE, minimum wages etc., etc., ..they are however happy to crow about their massive sales ...

Darling Felicity obediently parrots what Tesco told her......Tesco says it audited after the GLA operation and took action on any "non-conformities".

"There is no suggestion that excessive wage bills or cashflow problems caused by Bomfords' customers were a contributing factor," says Tesco.

Now what was it that nice journalist Mr Michael White sometime associate Editor and Political Editor of the Guradian said about Bloggers on Newsnight that.." they only make comments ? News is provided by Newspapers......."

Alastair Campbell is supposed to have famously hit him once when he joked about Captain Bob.Bob.Bob.... evidently didn't hit him hard enough to knock any sense into him, the sneering twat. It was a year ago exactly that he wrote in the Guradian "As I get older my own sympathies are shifting back to where they started - with Israel as the regional underdog," ... pity he doesn't shift himself there.

But then of course Lord Patel doesn't runs ads every day in his newspapers from Tesco's, Sainsbury's , Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Somerfields, Asda .... etc., etc.,

...but then we should have sympathy with the Guradian journos, it can't be easy working for a rag that shops Whistle Blowers who breach the Official Secrets Act.
..but then why would Felicity Lawrence author of "Not on the Label : What really goes into the Food on Your Plate " want to soft pedal a hard story about Tesco's for ? No wonder Tesco's stock her book under ENTERTAINMENT

e mail felicity.lawrence@guardian.co.uk if you have any views about her fascinating articles you want to express to her.

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