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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Jeane Palfrey puts up her telephone List (for sale ?) on her website - her Podcast link

STOP PRESS Monday 9th July - Telephone Records NOW available FREE - Link

Jeane Palfrey's website has just posted that anyone can apply for her telephone records, released by Judge Kessler yesterday. Her e-mail address is mbsibleydjp@civilforfeiture.com

Reuters has a story today, "Accused D.C. "madam" offers phone records to media" in which they say that she is makinga pre-c0ndition requiring recipients of the phone records to comply with several conditions, including one stipulating that the numbers not be published, traded or sold to third parties.

They must also agree not to disclose the identity of any woman who worked for Palfrey's business without first obtaining the woman's permission.

How soon before the MSM get stuck into this story ? The Miami Herald already has a story

''It is my patriotic duty to release these records,'' Palfrey told the New York Daily News.

But Palfrey, who faces federal racketeering charges for running what she insists was a legitimate escort service, said she will give only ''coded'' copies of the list to ''responsible'' reporters, bloggers or private detectives who promise not to put them on the Internet.

Palfrey expects to unveil up to 100 customers who risked national security, ''violated the public trust'' or were hypocritical consumers of her company's prurient services.

''These are the real power movers and shakers in Washington,'' she said.

``The rest of them I hope to leave the hell alone. I don't want to destroy the lives of the other 9,900 clients or the lives of the girls.

Raw Story picks up on an interview with the Vallejo Times, Palfrey (who live in Vallejo CA) said she would make the 46 pounds of Sprint phone records available to any member of the media, including bloggers.

"A couple dozen to 100 or so" of the 10,000 names listed in the records are high profile names, said Palfrey.

With the injunction lifted, it appears Palfrey can now "distribute the records en masse to as many responsible journalists, press, media, bloggers in this country," as she has promised.

ABC News obtained a partial list from Palfrey and her publicity shy lawyer Montgomery Sibley in May, but in the 11th hour decided not to release them, instead only airing a bland interview with Palfrey.

Palfrey told the Vallejo Times

"Within 24 hours the whole thing was whitewashed," They had names to name and
they didn't name them. Who knows who got to them -- I think the powers that be
at Disney (ABC's parent company) were exerting pressure on them to kill the
story and they killed it at the last minute."

"I kind of think it will be like deciphering the Da Vinci Code," said Palfrey, in an exclusive (and very lengthy) Times-Herald interview at a local coffee shop with Matthias Gafni published on July 1st before the records were released.

In the interview, Palfrey declined to discuss her former business or whether it involved prostitution.

"Does it really matter at this point? I think there are bigger fish to fry here," she said.

How did she know the records weighed in at the much quoted 46lbs? Shipping them through the Benicia UPS store to her attorney in Washington Palfrey said the UPS clerk told her how much they weighed:

"46 pounds."

You don't get detail like that in the MSM or even Time Magazine with all their "fact" checkers.

Interesting insight into activities of Montgomery Sibley here at Suzi Q

Wall Street Journal Law Blog have an up to date review of the court appointed attorney for Jeane Palfry, Preston Burton (posted as registration is required)

July 5, 2007, 1:39 pm
Orrick’s Preston Burton: From Monica to the D.C. Madam Posted by Peter Lattman
A decade ago, Orrick’s Preston Burton represented Monica Lewinsky in the investigation of President Clinton by Kenneth Starr and in the impeachment proceedings before the U.S. Senate. Today, he’s representing Deborah Jeane Palfrey, a woman accused of operating a call-girl ring inside the Beltway. Palfrey says she was running an adult fantasy business and her escorts were not engaged in prostitution.

How did he come to represent Palfrey, whom the media has labeled the D.C. Madam? “Several weeks ago, I was minding my own business on a Friday, and Judge Gladys Kessler called me up and asked me if I was willing to take a court appointment in that case,” Burton told Corporate Crime Reporter. “And after checking with the powers that be here at Orrick, who were all very supportive, I agreed to do it. And we are in the midst of that right now.” (Click here for a Law Blog post on her colorful civil attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley.)

The CCR spoke with Burton about his more-mainstream clients — alleged white-collar criminals. He told them that when it comes to corporate criminal investigations, he bemoans the “free the corporation, blame the individual” dynamic he’s witnessed the past few years. But now, instead of companies throwing their employees under the bus to resolve a government probe, Burton sees a shift.

“Now you have some companies who are not immediately rolling over and waiving the attorney-client privilege,” he told the CCR. “You are seeing some subtle signs of companies standing behind their people more than they were four or five years ago, when there was a rush to locate the rogue employees, throw them under the bus, distance themselves, and try and dust yourself off and start all over again.”

...and Finally and Very Bestest of all ...

Jeane interviewed in a Podcast (53 mins 24 s) with Columbia Indymedia on June 24th which you can listen to here (Thanks Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman!) - if interested in this fascinating case you must listen to this.

Although Ms. Palfrey was charged under R.I.C.O. statutes, she was not charged with tax evasion - there were no "co-conspirators" charged along with her. In 13 years of business, she had no girls arrested and no tax audits. She reported her income, filed her taxes and all of her employees received a 1099 each year - who also paid taxes - for 13 years straight, never once questioned.

It takes two or more to make a conspiracy ... prostitution is not illegal , it is not a Federal crime. Yet nowhere have Federal Attorneys ever prosecuted for prostitution - so Jane asks, why me ?..and why only me ?

One thing is for certain sure .. Brian Ross and his producer Rhonda Schwartz of ABC/Disney have a lot of questions to answer for the results of their "exclusive" seven weeks of investigations.


Washington Post have the story

Alleged Madam Can Distribute Records

By LUBNA TAKRURI The Associated Press Friday, July 6, 2007; 12:42 AM

WASHINGTON -- A woman accused of running a prostitution ring in the nation's capital is free to distribute thousands of pages of phone records after a federal judge lifted a restraining order on Thursday. ..... it tells you nothing you don't know if you have got this far.

Do not miss the Podcast - Listen NOW

Russian newspaper Gazeta
....has a fascinating view on the story - calling Madame Jean's girls "priestesses of love" ...


Anonymous said...

Astounding. Have you read the comments in the Law Blog to which you posted a link, My Ludd?

1. "Also made me wonder why some enterprising Russian spymasters didn’t come up with a brilliant plan to run an escort service in D.C. and see how many members of government they could compromise.
Now that would have been a very powerful recruitment/blackmail model in a town like D.C., now wouldn’t it?

2. "The Russians may never have done it to compromise our national security, but the Gambino crime family did it in the mid-1960s to closeted gay men in Washington, some of whome committed suicide over the blackmail and extortion, and then AUSA Robert Morgenthau successfully prosecuted the extortion ring which reached among the highest levels of business and political circles. The only Gambino associate who got off was Eddy “the Skull” Murphy who conveniently happened to have the goods on J. Edgar Hoover. AUSA Morgenthau referred to the Gambino operation as the Chicken and Bulls extortion scam, and was one of the first federal investigations into Mafia control of the gay subculture."

3. "Further to the above, Ed “the Skull” Murphy also was the manager for the gay bar Stonewall Inn in NYC operated by the Gambino crime family in the mid-1960s, and he was running a similar extortion scheme against closeted Wall Street executives. The reason why the NYPD busted the Stonewall Inn which led to the riots was not because they wanted to harass gay patrons but they were harassing the Gambino crime family, and looking for bonds from Wall Street that an executive had stolen from his firm to prevent Ed “the Skull” Murphy from outing him. This bust was done by NYPD because the local cops at the time feared the feds — particularly Hoover — had been corrupted by Murphy, and many believe to this day that Murphy got off because of his connection to Murphy. Mr. Murphy is still alive today, and takes credit for the Stonewall Inn riots precisely that mark the birth of the modern day civil rights movement."

Shutter said...

Yes indeedy. There has been (and will be) much speculation about Ms Palfrey ... should anyone in the Feds bleeve sucha story - say Mossad , SGS, BND, MI5/6/7/8 it has been suggested that the lady would have been a San Diego / Oakland washup by now... or maybe deep 6 with concrete boots.

see Turmerica blog

Listen to the Podcast - which appears and sounds genuine - the Prosecution case is a cross between a lash up and charade - what is a blue chip lawyer getting involved for now ?

Questions, Questions, few answers so far and the Veep stays schtumm.

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