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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jeane Palfrey's 46 lb little black book of telephone numbers yields secrets - bloggers claim mastermind of 9/11 - he fucked over NORAD and the FAA

Jeane Palfreys telephone records are available in a more acceptable / readable / downloadable form here ***** and here - scanned records - see sample Sprint Jan - August 2006.

Do a reverse lookup (AnyWho AT&T)on the phone numbers to find out who owns them.
Stop Press 11.50EST 12th July 2007 using the above link for reverse lookup - on any number - returns an Error 404 page - now why would that be when it worked so well last night ?

Several sites are claiming / confirming that Deadeye Dick the sharpshootin Veep, the guy who shoots lawyers - he has previously been fingered, keeps creepingcropping up as a user - but this will be explained as services provided by Halliburton for clients.. Ho. Hummmmmm.

In NOLA, WLTV have run a story from a woman, Jeanette Maier who says for years she and her family ran a prostitution ring, often referred to as the Canal Street brothel – a $300 an hour family business the feds shut down five years ago.

Tuesday night from her west bank home, Maier said in the 1990s she met David Vitter at different events where her girls were working - see the video of her interview with WLTV here.

***** Lord Patel got Toni Fabuloso to check a few off this site ...and well well well, 202 828 5800 shows up as Bracewell & Patterson Llp. 2000 K St. NWWashington, DC 20006 and directs you to 34 lawyers direct - and Bracewell & Patterson are now Bracewell & Giuliani - whose partner Mr Mark Markusey is the personal lawyer of previously fingered Harlan "Shock and Awe" Ullman. Link to story about Harlan who when asked about the reports he wasa client said "it was beneath contempt".


Anonymous said...

... "about Harlan who when asked about the reports he was a client said "it was beneath contempt"."

Shouldn't that be ... "about Harlan who when asked about the reports he was a client said "[she] was beneath contempt"."

sam_m said...

Forget your "Stop Press... 404's". The link worked swell at 07.00 UTC and 18.00 UTC 12July07. Any probs in between were prolly due to bandwidth overload on redirects from Postman Patel's site :)

OBTW Reverse Lookup is not available in the U.K. unlike the Land of the Free.

Shutter said...

Up to a point Lord Copper when Toni Fabuloso tried reverse lookup directly she got 404's using the proxy lookup through the dcphonelist site (see next post today) there were no snags.

Re - checking again Toni got 404's again.Prolly you are right.

Never mind reverse Lookup not available in Limey Land we haven't got on - line Lookup either - number enquiries cost up to 60p a number - which in the much devalued curency of the Land of the Free (US$2.02 something when we last looked today) is about US$1.20 cents.

But you do get to actually speak to a nice lady in India who will give you the number (once she has understood what you are saying - especially difficult if you have a regional accent) and engagingly ask if you want her to put you through direct - which will cost you another 30p (60 cents)then your line charges on top.

Anyway Toni's trawl has elicited 2 ladies names who figure very heavily (100's) on the lists and who live in apartments with addresses in the DC area - which might lead one to suggest that they are fully paid up , taxpaying members of Madem's sexual fantasists - and whose phones ask you to leave a message.

One over riding impression is that she spent a lot of time calling swanky restaurants and hotels in DC - Ritz Carlton etc.,

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