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Monday, July 02, 2007

Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville Jones to be ennobled .... Fan Club ecstatic

Well joy is unconfined at Patel Towers, My Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville Jones is to join us in the House of Lords and the Boy David has put her in charge of terrism as a result.

The rest of the Fan Club in the Tory Party are overjoyed - such as Fatty Soames, a Director of the armed thugs called Aegis (Prop. Gnl. Tim Spicer) and of course the small but perfectly formed Mr Gove who we enjoy seeing so frequently on Newsnight will be jousting with Ed Balls in future.

All in all an exciting week for the Fan Club. Three "bombs" that could have killed hundreds of thousands of Scots off on Holiday, clubbers and queers all in one delirious weekend, and now this.

No doubt Lord Carlile who is so keen now to lock the bastards up for ever will be keeping an eye out for Lady Dame Jane Pauline.

With Stevens and West sorting out organising terrism at the Home Office and Lord Levy's son helping Tony really agitate the ordure in the Middle East... a long hot summer is in prospect.

It's time the Fan Club organised a T shirt, mugs, Mouse mats etc.,


Cicero's Songs is another evident fan of the lady - he has especially interesting views on her time inciting the Serbs in Bosnia along with Douglas Hurd when she was a full time paid up state spy

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