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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky honoured - massive Moscow airport / airbase / research centre named for him

The Russian scientist and engineer Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky Николай Егорович Жуковский(1841-1921) was one of the founders of hyrdo and aerodynamics and a key figure in the history of science - and much overlooked. A village grew up named after him on the outskirts of Moscow where eventually a massive test facility / airstrip was developed which has always been designated as Ramenskoye Airfield and where the Aerodynamic Institute was established in 1904 and later in 1918 the Central AeroHydroDynamics Institute (Центра́льный аэрогидродинами́ческий институ́т (ЦАГИ), ) TsAGI - the first time a scientific institution combined basic studies, applied research, structural design, pilot production and testing of aircraft. (TsAGI, under Russian Federation Government Decree No. 247 of March 29, 1994, was conferred the status of the State Research Center and today claims to be the largest scientific research center in the world).

Zhukovsy was the first engineer not only to describe mathematically, the principles of aerodynamic lift but also define the essential profile required - rounded nose or leading edge, the need for double surfaces so the foil had a finite thickness , cambered, curved or straight, and a sharp tail edge. Which he then demonstrated in the first wind tunnel built in Russia.

Ramenskoye has figured greatly in all forms of Russian aircraft / air vehicle development and US / NATO intelligence community designated this facility as Ramenskoye, which is used in the intelligence designation of new aircraft such as "RAM-K", "RAM-J" etc.,

Now Gazeta reports that the massive facility with a 5 Kilometre airstrip will now be officially called Zhukovsky in his honour. .. which may mean the renaming of the famous MAKS airshows held there ...including a contract for the launch of five German radar intelligence satellites (signed in 2002) , produced by OHB-System AG, on top of Russian Kosmos-3M boosters - the second of which SAR-Lupe - 2 was launched successfully from Plesetsk cosmodrome at 23:38, Moscow time, on Monday following on the ist one launched on December 19th 206.

Pic is the 2 rouble piece struck in his honour at St Petersburg in 1997 on his 150th Birthday. A party he did not attend.

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