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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The tempo of Mugabe's overthrow quickens - African Brown / Millibandwagon shows it's hand

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)was formed in Zimbabwe in 1997 and campaigns for constitutional reform. It is described by the UK Foreign Ofice as a "a non-governmental organisation" composed of individual Zimbabwean citizens and civic organisations (who pay no membership fees).

Their vision is of , "a peaceful, prosperous, democratic and united country founded on human dignity and social justice" and seek to re-write the Lancaster House Constitution.

Their name suggests their birth was resonant of the similiarly named body formed from the French National Assembly on 9th July 1789 in the fervour of revolution .. when it dissolved on 30th September 2 years later it was succeeded by the Legislative Assmbly.

In their campaign for "constitutional reform" and their call for " a new and democratic constitution" to be determined before next year's elections the the modern NCA held meetings and demonstrations across Zim yesterday, 25th July 2007. Literature was distributed explaining and objecting to President Mugabe's proposed Amendment No 18 to the constitution - which adds scores of seats in the lower and upper houses, among other changes - designed to essentially freeze ZANU - NF power.

NCA chairperson Dr. Lovemore Madhuku described amendment no.18 as ‘treacherous and contemptuous’ when he addressed protestors in Harare. He said:

“Zimbabwe needs a constitution that entrenches human rights and freedoms,ensures a free and open society and an electoral system that gives citizens power to elect leaders who are responsive to their needs.”

In Harare, Police and state security with automatic rifles, batons and dogs fell upon the protesters and unleashed tear gas as water canon stood by. Police beat up and arrested 243 members who were detained but later released and riot police raided the NCA officers. Some 80-100 have since require hospital treatment. Demontrators marched elsewhere in Zim, and in Masvingo 23 were arrested and charged for public disorder, as well as 15 in Mutare (where NCA officer Bernard Dube's home was raided by state security agents and he has disappeared, whereabouts unknown) , 10 in Bulawayo and 17 in Gweru there were also demonstrations in Kwekwe and Morondera.

It was all reminiscent of the way that Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition leaders were hospitalized after being assaulted by police who broke up a prayer meeting declared illegal in March this year.

In Afghanistan, our newly peripatetic Foreign Secretary David Milliband fresh from his in initiation in "pre-emptive intervention", the reek of the battlefield and the stench of dead soldiers, released a statement condemning the the Police violence and arrests which he declared "unacceptable"

"The economic crisis needs national unity not political crackdown. The
international community wants the proper treatment and release of those NCA
members still in custody."

"The initiative led by Thabo Mbeki is the best hope for the people of Zimbabwe and the run up to the SADC Summit ( the 27th South African Development Community summit 10th - 27th August in Lusaka , Zambia) provides the right conditions for progress."

It is evident that the NCA is one of the jigsaw pieces that is being moved (and no doubt financed by) external influence.

When the Bastille was stormed on the 14th July the NCA became effectively the Government of Metropolitan France.

"The assembly had acquired the entire power; the corporations depended on it;the national guards obeyed it... The royal power, though existing of right, was in a measure suspended, since it was not obeyed, and the assembly had to supply its action by its own."

said Francois Mignet, the historian of the revolution subsequently.

It is interesting that the FCO have shown their hand in such a fashion - Mr Brown pushing his African Policy ? Perhaps it will need a few of the bourgeoisie to be guillotined in public before the Constitution gets re-written... and who knows, if Mbeki plays his part everyone can forget the BAE bribery scandal.

Watch this space... and watch out for the Chinese.

UPDATE - Midnight 26th July 2007 - Interestingly ITV News at 10.30 had a lengthy report from South Africa with clips of hospitalised Harare NCA supporters in hospital with bad injuries, broken bones etc., Compared this with the March police beatings of MDC.
No doubt we will now see an increased tempo of news reporting - which all fits in with Mr Brown's stealin g the Daily Mail reading Cameronians - No Supercasinos- recalibrate Cannabis - Exit Iraq Pronto - longer Police custody - introduce wire tap evidence etc., ..save the White farmers.

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