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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The whirr of War - Bombing Iran.. this time it's for real

A relative who lives near Versailles told me at the time of the endless whirr of helicopters as the meetings were held at the nearby Chateau Rambouillet in February 1999. This was when the Western Powers colluded in a criminal agrement called an "Interim Agreement for Peace and Self-Government In Kosovo", ( in English - for later translation ) which they knew Milosevoc would not accept.

The terms of secret Appendix B Status of Multi-National Military Implementation Force in 25 sections gave NATO total carte blanche to do whatever they wished.

It was on the basis of this document that Milošević refused to accept that the Western powers provided themselves with the authority to drop high explosive bombs on a western civilised country from 20,000 feet.

Lord Gilbert the Minister of State for Defence later said to a House of Commons enquiry "I think the terms put to Milošević at Rambouillet were absolutely intolerable; how could he possibly accept them; it was quite deliberate".

Memories of this were rekindled by a report about Ray Lustig a retired Washington Post photographer who has lived in the Palisades section of Northwest Washington for 39 years.
he has noticed that every major US military action was preceded by increased helicopter traffic over his house, as choppers shuttled people back and forth between the Pentagon, and CIA Langley HQ.

Ray said Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom all started after weeks and weeks of helicopters big and small travelling the well-worn air route above his house.

"The movement in June was truly extraordinary," he said, a near-constant chatter from 6:30 in the morning till 2 in the morning. "I figure they're either planning the endgame of the Iraq war or they're going to bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran."

Two more things.

In February when the Democrats were pretending to hound the administration over the surge, grandmother Nancy Pelosi urged by her pals in AIPAC and with House Majority Leaders Stenny Hoyer and Reid let Dubya off the hook over removing demands that he was required to consult Congress before attacking Iran.

The Pentagon announced on July 10th that it the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier battle group, was off to Iranian waters - that means that there will soon be three carrier battle groups within striking range of Iranian targets.

First the Iranian Terrist atrocity then we bomb them.

The Cheney doctrine is alleged to be a false flag US based sub nuclear event - a container ship in the Panama Canal with a dirty bomb - perhaps with synchronised events on the Northern Iraq / Iran border and Israel "taking the chance to "bomb Syria.

As the dollar finally tanks (plus 1.40 to the Euro, plus 2.06 to the pound) , and the mortgage crisis hits, as the commodity markets soar, bombing Iran seems like a good idea.

That's when the UK forces high tail it for Kuwait or fly out of Basra and those long, long supply lines , all those trucks driven by third world hired hands crumbles and Baghdad is isolated.

They will need more than whirring helicopters to get out of that mess.

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