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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto G falls on his sword - follows Goodling, Sampson and Battle from DOJ for telling lies, again and again.Messianics at work.

Ms. Monica Goodling, 33, was a 1995 graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., and received her law degree at Regent University in Virginia Beach. (Christian leadership to Change the World) Messiah describes itself as “committed to an embracing evangelical spirit,” while Regent was founded by the Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson.

On April 5th 2007 she resigned from her post as the Director of Public Affairs which is the Justice Department’s liaison to the White House which she had held since 2000 and had worked under John Ashcroft.

She had previously notified the Senate Judiciary Committee through her lawyer on March 26 when she took indefinite leave of absence, that she would invoke her constitutional right not to testify in the panel’s inquiry about the dismissals of State Attoneys — not because she had anything to hide, the lawyer said, but because she did not expect fair treatment in the current climate of political hostility.

This was after D. Kyle Sampson resigned as Mr. Gonzales’s chief of staff after accepting responsibility for how the dismissals were handled. Michael A. Battle, the former director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys who notified the prosecutors of their dismissals, announced several weeks ago that he was leaving to enter private practice.

Unlike Ms. Goodling, Mr. Sampson was eager to testify, and he appeared voluntarily before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He testified that Mr. Gonzales had been involved in discussions that led to the dismissals, and that Mr. Gonzales’s statements to the contrary were “incorrect.”

Subsequently Chief Judge Thomas Hogan signed an order on May 11th granting Goodling immunity in exchange for her truthful testimony in the U.S. Attorney firings investigation, stating that "Goodling may not refuse to testify, and may not refuse to provide other information, when compelled to do so" before the House Judiciary Committee.

Goodling appeared on May 23rd 2007, under a limited immunity agreement, and provided to the committee a written statement that she read at the start of her testimony. In response to questions during the hearing, Goodling stated that she "crossed the line" and broke civil service rules about hiring, and improperly weighed political factors in considering applicants for career positions at the Department of Justice.

Now runty Alberto Gonzales, who has been hounded to resign for months, who has lied to Congress, evaded, stonewalled and ignored persistent calls for his resignation for months, submitted it to President Bush by telephone on Friday and he leaves effective September 17th.
The President called him a talented and honourable person in announcing his resignation. Chuck Schumer the NY Democrat Senator said he was amazed it took so long for Dubya to come to his senses.

Any sense of relief may be somwhat tempered by waiting to see what poltiical appartachik will replace him - Chertoff the son of El Al's first air hostess is considered hot favourite.

PS Monica had last atracted attention when she authorised the expenditure of US$8,000 on blue drapes to cover an Art Deco stature of the Lady Spirit of Justice by Paul Jennewein, modestly not blindfolded but bearing a plump and unclothed right breast, in the Great Hall of the Robert F Kennedy Building.

The statue notably featured in pictures when she was seen behind then-Attorney General Edwin Meese III as he held up a report on pornography.

Alberto had the curtains removed in June 2005.

Youmight like to read about Mitt Romney addressing the new class of 1,005 graduates , the highest ever at Regent when they were able to announce a gift of US$1 Mn to Jack Hayford, founder and chancellor of The King's College and Seminary in Van Nuys, Calif. and current President of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. - they need the money because they have been memorable recently as former President Paul Risser was forced to resign in 2004 after losing over US$15 Mn. of the church's funds in pyramid schemes, International Products Investment Corp. and Financial Advisory Consultants. Prior to Risser, President John Holland disappeared from the office in a move that was shrouded in secrecy.

See also Foursquare Church comes to Jerusalem, embraces local Messianics The worldwide Foursquare denomination holds its annual conference in Jerusalem and bucks the trend of locally-based Christian ministries by openly embracing Messianic Jewish leaders. Israel Today August 7th 2007 My prayer was for there to be enlightenment of God’s grace in the hour for Israel and that is happening,” Pastor Jack Hayford told Israel Today. “It’s not happening through education, but through revelation.”

Israel Today report continues ..."Hayford, who has fostered relations with Jews in his hometown in California’s San Fernando Valley for more than 30 years—some of whom have come to faith in Yeshua—prominently featured Messianic Jews at the conference. Many Christian organizations in Israel tend to be overly cautious in their relationship with Messianic Jews to avoid offending their Israeli hosts, but Hayford said the Foursquare Church stands unashamed with Israel’s Jewish believers and featured several Messianic leaders as key speakers. "

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