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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bloody endgame in Zim as Army / Security services lose take control

It is increasingly evident that the Army are in control / on the rampage in large parts of Zim.

Karoi Farm in Headlands, Manicaland province is now occupied by Brigadier General Mujaji. *** (pic) It was seized soldiers allegedly taking orders from a brigadier-general who illegally grabbed a farm there in February. Vice President Joseph Msika has given an order to vacate which has been ignored . The farm owner Charles Lock secured a High Court order in his favour but the police who went to effect it were sent packing by the soldiers who are now guarding the farm. (Manical land is homeland of former Finance Minister, Dr Simba Makoni, who hails from Manicaland Province and is widely spoken of as the presidential chice of Retired General Tapfumaneyi Rex Solomon Mujuru, the first commander of the Zimbabwe National Army selected by Mugabe in 1980 when he arrived in triumph from Mozambique.)

Lock's MP is also Security Minister, thug, bully boy Didymus Mutasa who simply refered it to Provincial Governor Tinaye Chigudu, who pushed it onwads and upwards to Msika.

It is claimed Court documents show that the Brigadier has 'cocked his weapon' each time the police havevisited. Vice President Msika is quoted sayin g in his defence "The policy ocument (on land) didn't say all white farmers should be chased out. I am not a racist and I refuse to be racist.'

There are other reports of senior officers forcefully evicting families. It is being said that this is not free lance State looting but Mugabe / Mengistu is trying to involve the army as part of a crazy last ditch, 'command agriculture' programme. This is claimed to be Chinese in origin but the Army generals do not need to import the idea of theft from the Far East.

More likely is the either the consolidation of power through rewarding his cronies in the military and security services or again they are exploiting the weaknesses of a declining sovereign.

Mujuru has however overseen the careful introduction of army staff in important civilian roles. The Attorney-General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele, was previously an intelligence officer in the army. He had worked with Justin Mupamhanga, the permanent secretary for Energy and Power Development , not ex military he was a senior officer of the Central Intelligence Organisation.

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development is led by Retired Lieutenant-General Michael Reuben Nyambuya. Retired Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri heads the Ministry of Youth Development and Employment Creation. Retired Lt.-Colonel Hubert Magadzire Nyanhongo is the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications. Justice George Chiweshe, who is a High Court judge as well as chairman of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, is a former advocate-general in the Zimbabwe National Army. He was responsible for court-martials. Retired Colonel Christian Katsande heads the Ministry of Industry and International Trade as permanent secretary. Even Zimbabwe's Ambassador to Cuba is a Retired Major General, His Excellency Jevan Maseko.

Outside Government Air-Commodore Mike Karakadzai is general manager of the decaying National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) whose chairman is Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba is still a serving officer. In stead of a career prison oficer the Commissioner of Prisons is Retired Major-General Paradzai Zimondi.

The corrupt, loss making Grain Marketing Board was run by Retired Colonel Samuel Muvuti a career cut short when he was suspended after being arrested on allegations of defrauding the parastatal of close to US$1 million.

The endgame is rapidly unfolding.

Brigadier General Justin Itayi Mujaji is an ex-combatant of the war of liberation of Zimbabwe. Currently he is serving in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) as Director General in charge of Planning and Programmes at ZDF HQ. Brigadier General Mujaji is a holder of an MBA degree as well as a BSc (Honours) Economics degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He is also CIS qualified and is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe. He is a Commissioner with the Sports and Recreation Commission.

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