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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daily Telegraph - 1 month late with all the news they are allowed to print

The Daily Telegraph under the headline Moscow 'unmasks' MI6 spy by Adrian Blomfield in Moscow reports today in an "exclusive";

"A British diplomat was named by Russia yesterday as an MI6 agent in the latesttwist in Moscows row with London over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. "
This is the story of FSB operator Vyacheslav Zharko and the Moscow staff member which Lord Patel provided the whole story (and unlike the DT named the Embassy contact for Mr Z) on Monday, July 16, 2007 "UK expels 4 Russian spies - but pretend we don't have any, lies, deception by Foreign Secretary - Press act as Chorus", complete with a nice picture of Mr Zharko.

This was the day you might remember the Boy David acting as Foreign Secretary expelled some Russian "spies" from the London Russian Embassy.

Coincidence ?

Bloggers ? Fucking amateurs.

UPDATE Pic of Sergei Skripal who was imprisoned last year for spying for the UK who identified the MI6 contact - so many and varied are the names attributed it could be one guy or many. Pablo Miller is favourite.

Incidentally, Pablo was named in May Axis Global Chalenges Research ..." ...According to Grigoriev, today Tallinn is often used by the British intelligence. Kreml.org refers to ex-officer of the British intelligence, Richard Tomlinson, alleging that Platon Obukhov, who was sentenced for spying, had met his MI6 contact in the territory of Estonia. Another spy, sentenced in 2001 for seven years, the former KGB officer Valery Ojamae, was reportedly recruited in Tallinn by the British intelligence officer Pablo Miller with the participation of the Estonian Security Police or KaPo.

UPDATE Int. Herald Tribune names Pablo Miller even though UK Press / TV don't - Channel 4 makes a point of saying they won't name him. Self censorship or someone "suggest" it to them ? What bollocks - do they thik no-one has acess to the Internet ? ..perhaps they are planning for the day when we don't.

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