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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, August 10, 2007

FMV - suspected farm near Dorking - what a difference a day makes

Midnight last night and Movement of animals orders were lifted.

Midnight tonight and Debby Reynolds SVO at DEFRA announces a suspected animals ona farm in Dorking Surrey. 3 /10 Km control zones have been set up. (Mr Hilary Benn silent and absent)

This is not a confirmed outbreak as testing is required but the animals show clinical symptoms as did some of the 327 animals culled today on the third farm near Pirbright, which included sheep and goats.

Leaving yet again the increasing impression that DEFRA is moving after one week into the chaos theory of crisis management, as the decision makers are harassed by the grasping NFU and their lawyers... there goes the export trade.

Don't send Vaccines .. send the whitewash.

PS 2 freelance journalists , the new agricultural paparazzi - Philip Hollis from Kingston and James Purkiss from Swindon - were charged today under Section 27 of the Animal Health Act and are facing prosecution by Surrey Trading Standards.

They were arrested, disinfected and their equipment was seized on Saturday 4 August, after breaching a cordon inside the protected foot and mouth zone close to Wanborough.

Look at Sheepdrove and keep looking at warmwell

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