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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd - worth examining

Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd (FTS) (founded 2000) is a fast expanding company that leads the world in recovering data from mobile (cell) phones, PDA’s and telecommunications equipment, for evidential purposes, (pic mibile examined in murder case by FTS) providing an IMPARTIAL and PROFESSIONAL service which gives forensic analysis (information held in the phone and SIM card) with the provision of Cell Site analysis (locating position of users) and other ..er ... specialist services.

They offer to support an investigator in all aspects of telecommunications evidence, in addition FTS now provide a comprehensive Computer Forensic Investigative Service, as well as Telecoms Investigator Training Courses. " We have been recognised as specialists within this field and our services are being used in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. " they claim and most intriguing

.."We have the facility to preserve for DNA and fingerprints if necessary, and are able to recover data from damaged, fire-damaged or contaminated equipment."

The company is very secretive about it's office locations which are currently ; an HQ and other offices in Sevenoaks, with UK offices in Sunderland, Warrington, Nottingham, Bristol , and overseas facilities in Victoria BC Canada, Warsaw Poland and Seoul.S.Korea.

They have announced today that the Sevenoaks office was the victim of a break-in and as a result, some IT equipment including a server was stolen.

The server, which (not surpringly) is security protected, contained administrative data and details of some case files in relation to FTS’ forensic work. In the unlikely event that the server was accessed, non of the data stored on the server in any way compromises ongoing police operations.

The information is made up of either old cases that have passed through the judicial process, or cases that are already in the judicial system and so subject to full disclosure to both defence and prosecution teams.

The Mail on Sunday have a splash story today by Christopher Leake, " Police on terror alert over theft of top secret records on computer database" which says this theft raises fears that vital evidence from undercover investigations may have been lost or have fallen into the wrong hands.

The stolen computer server - a metal box the size of a large DVD player - contained details of who made calls on mobiles, their exact location and precisely when the calls were made.

The theft of such sensitive data (says Christopher Leake) will reopen the debate about whether private companies should be employed to carry out crucial security or Government work under contract.

That of course begs the question that the company, which recently was pleased to announce ex Inspector of Constabulary Sir Keith Povey joined the Board , is a private company and not simply a quasi MI5/6 Gubment outfit (qv Aegis Ltd.,) outfit. Certainly some visitors to their stand at the Police Exhibition at the ACPO conference at GMex in Manchester June 20th- 21st 2007 formed the impression that the company and it's staff were ..er ...

We have been asked by Kent Police to appeal to anyone who has any information regarding this offence to contact: Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd. Telephone: 01732 459811

See them at Millipol - International Exhibition for Internal State Security Paris October 9-12th 2007.

..but why would the state want to operate a quasi private company to access company records, be aware of forensice investigations both in the UK and overseas, taking DNA , fingerprints, access to phone records etc., nah ... sheer fantasy ... nah

Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd THE CLOCK HOUSE, 140 LONDON ROAD, GUILDFORD, SURREY, GU1 1UW Reg Co. No. 0425332

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IanP said...

Because it takes state control outside of both Parliamentary and Judicial control, and its results are therefore not open to scrutiny.

Mr Hitler used to do that as well.

Google 'Gestapo' to read why this is so effective.

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