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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Global warnings,Met Office, IAH, funding science and the NEW MESSIAH can Change the Weather !!!!

Two things to burn into your brain when discussing (or making) meteorological predictions beyond Christmas ..

1. To give a sense of scale..the land mass of the US of A = 3% of the Earth's surface.

2. To give a sense of scale CO2 in the atmosphere is said (where

Imagine a line drawn on the sand 1 KIlometre long = 1 million millimetres. So that means we move the peg from about 34 cms to 309 cms. (NB these measurements never provide for experimental error + or - let us say, 5 /10 /20% - my blood sugar tester is accurate says the manufacturers to +/- 20%.

Now to add to this there is the astounding revelation (for it is nothing less) on Channel 4 More4 News tonight (see pic) that David Shayler Jewish (ex?) MI5 double agent has been having a chat it appears with Mary Magdaleine, and (Shayler - Jaweh - Messiah word shift) is THE NEW MESSIAH ! ***

Besides predicting that Middlesboro' will win their Division and move up next year .... HE CAN CHANGE THE WEATHER.

Right! OK! Got all that on board ? - The Met Office Hadley Centre (UK's official centre for climate change research. Partly funded by DEFRA - who also partly fund the IAH) have decided what the weather will be like in 10 years time.

Or rather they have issued a Press release about a paper that will be published in Science on August 10th - this will be the first decadal climate prediction model ever (and folks you can be sure it won't be the last) and includes a prediction for annual global temperatures to 2014.

Over the 10-year period as a whole, the climate continues to warm and 2014 is likely to be 0.3 Degrees C warmer than 2004. At least half of the years after 2009 are predicted to exceed the warmest year currently on record - Frame of reference - Total global warming on a decadal average is 0.8 Degrees C since 1900 (IPCC 2007) ****

The new model ( well the updated and fucked about previous model) incorporates (we think) the effects of sea surface temperatures as well as other factors such as man-made emissions of greenhouse gases (naturally) , projected changes in the sun's output (there is a novelty) and the effects of previous volcanic eruptions - the first time internal and external variability have both been predicted. (i.e more variables built in to "adjust" if it proves none too accurate)

Team leader, Dr Doug Smith (do not confuse with David Shayler) said: "Occurrences of El Nino, for example, have a significant effect on shorter-term predictions. By including such internal variability, we have shown a substantial improvement in predictions of surface temperature." Dr Smith continues: "Observed relative cooling in the Southern Ocean and tropical Pacific over the last couple of years was correctly predicted by the new system, giving us greater confidence in the model's performance". (El Nino was observed historically by fishermen and named by them. "Observations of conditions in the tropical Pacific are considered essential for the prediction of short term (a few months to 1 year) climate variations." see NOAA website for full clear history and operation over decades of El Nino)

Now that's really good news for swimming pool owners, manufacturers of ice creams, sun creams, swimwear, swim pools, air conditioning ... but nowehere do they mention the effect of David Shayler THE NEW MESSIAH !

One thing is evident though, the money DEFRA have saved on labs, equipment, staff, at the IAH research centres brand spanking new Hadley centre in Exeter bursting with Cray computers and scientists with planet sized egos. "Our funding to the Hadley Centre incidentally has increased by 40% over five years" Prof Dalton Chief scientist DEFRA Nov 2006 to Select Committee on Science and Technology Hansard Q220

*** Er.. well maybe not ,Hugo Rifkind in the Times had to apologise for saying he was the Messiah and David pointed out that he was actually ..er.."I was, though, crucified with a crown of thorns and nails when incarnated as Astronges, a Jewish revolutionary put to death by the Romans at around the end of the last century BC . . . "

To get the record straight David revealed this at the Glastonbury Symposium, a lecture on Investigating Crop Circles and Signs of our Times lecture at Glastonbury Town Hall and not just on Channel 4.

**** How you arrive at a global temperature for say 1921 (or 1948) is a peer reviewed consensus secret of the alumni of the Climatologists. You'd better believe it if you want a research Grant. You get my meaning ?

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