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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madness over Madeleine - follies of the faithful

Raising kids website reports what Madeleine McCann's school have arranged for the start of the school term.

Lord Patel has refrained from expressing views and limited posts to revealing what few facts (?) are available with some mild comments about the activities of HMG via the Prime Minister and No 10 Press office and Clarence Mitchell.

The extreme mawkishness often expressed by the British public , refreshed again by the anniversary of the death of Diana Spencer another blonde with a winsome smile and striking eyes is evident yet again.

Should the school wish to remind her young and impressionable classmates of the lurking dangers of this world, such a tactic which cannot be resolved, except by the unlikely return of the poor child seems certain to reinforce any terrors they may have.

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Jackie said...

So the school are keeping a desk for Madeleine in the reception class? That's strange, because reception classes don't usually have individual desks for the children. Apart from that, won't the missing Madeleine seem like a little ghost forever haunting the school? It's macabre. I wonder what a child psychologist would make of it?

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