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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mayan crop circles, MI5, Messiah Shayler and NI Police Fund - cosmic coincidences ?

This crop circle was seen on August 13th , 2007 at Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire, England - this represents the Mayan digit 6 which presages August 18th. The "filled"circle has on close inspection, 12 small and 1 central swirlproducing a total of 13 mini-swirls.

"Taken together, both observations lead one to believe that those crop artists are trying to tell us about '6 days' from their ancient 13-month calendar (based on motions of Venus and the Sun), where any month contained 20 days, and any year contained 13 x 20 = 260 days. "

"The Sun and Venus are moving towards an inferior conjunction on August 18, thereby ending their current 260-day Sun-Venus calendar, and beginning another."

This coincides with a report in the Belfast Newsletter today that the new £20Mn. MI5 HQ in Northen Ireland at Palace Barracks , Maryfield, near Holywood, Co. Down, with room for 400 staff is now finished.

Nationalists and republicans have objected that MI5 will assume overall responsibility for national security in the Province as the lead agency in counter-terrorist activity and intelligence gathering which had been in the hands of police Special Branch.

The Police Service of NI will, however, continue to have a role in local anti-terror operations and maintain close liaisons with MI5.

Those who support the NI MI5 operation ( like Privy Councillor, DUP MP and Policing Board Member Jeffery Donaldson) claim the fight against al-Qaeda extends to Northern Ireland, highlighting the happy coincidence of the Glasgow incendiary jihadist who had studied in Belfast.

Perhaps we should consult Messiah Shayler and ask if there is any significance in the coincidence of these events.

Those who follow events closely in Ulster will remember that under the Patten plan a Northern Ireland Police Fund which is funded largely by the government to help injured police, retired officers, widows and families and was set up at Police HQ based at Maryfield near Holywood .

On Thursday December 4th 2002 a number of computers and files disappeared and there was concern that personal details of officers may have been leaked to republican terrorists, although their database was somewhat limited.

Two members of staff were arrested one under the Terrorism Act , released and then chairman of the fund Sir John Semple said ; "I was advised that there are serious allegations, including financial irregularities, in respect of the Police Fund.

"In accordance with normal practice, two members of staff have been suspended."

This theft had of course nothing to do with the recently reported theft of computers and other IT equipment (and a reported Database of top-secret police phone taps ) from a private firm Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd in Sevenoaks, Kent, whose clients include Scotland Yard, The Police Service of Northern Ireland etc.,

Nothing at all.

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