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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ohuruogo wins WorldChampionship with personal best after 1 year suspension for "missing" drug tests

Linford Christie became the oldest man to win the Olympic 100 metres title when he won at the 1992 Barcelona Games at the age of 32.

The following year he won the Stuttgart world title in a European record 9.87 seconds and retained the Commonwealth and European titles in 1994.

He was disqualified from the Olympic 100 metres final in 1996 after two false starts and officially retired in 1997.

He was suspended from athletics after failing a drugs test, when he tested positive for nandrolone at an indoor meeting in Dortmund, Germany, on February 13 1999.

“Nuff” Respect (website)was formed in 1992 by the Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie OBE. It has since established itself as a leading Sports Personality Management Consultancy and Marketing Agency, which specialises in working very closely with UK and International sportsmen and women, achieving their individual goals and those of their sponsors - Joice Maduaka is another client of the agency as well as Christine Ohuruogo who is representing the UK at Osaka. (She crashed out finishing 7th in 200m Qtr Final won by Allyson Felix US Outdoor Champion 2007)

It is of interest that only today uk sport added to their website database the results of a positive drug test...

Date added to website :30/08/2007
Reference number : 113
Sport : Athletics
National Governing Body :International Association of Athletics Federations
Competitor name : None
Class of drug :Beta-2 Agonists
Substance : Terbutaline (see Drugs Information Database (DID)for details of this drug which is prhibited in and out of competition)
Action taken : Athlete issued with a formal warning and reprimand. Furthermore, the athlete was disqualified from the competition.

There does not appear to be any news release atached to this, nobody is named, the meeting is not specified from which the athlete was disqualified. It appears to be the first time any field and track athlete has been detected with this substance in their blood.Footballers, basket ball and ice hockey players have tested positive in the last year.

If a positive finding is made the athlete can request an appeal (see details of procedure here).The process to deal with adverse findings falls into three stages: Review, Hearing and Appeal and can take several months.

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