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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

U.S. Plans New Arms Sales to Gulf Allies

Saudi Arabia? Isn’t that the country:

  1. from which came 15 of the 19 men responsible for 9/11? (Many of them still alive ! )
  2. that opposed the March 2003 U.S.- led invasion of Iraq and whose king, in March 2007, called the invasion an “illegal occupation”?
  3. that told the United States to remove its troops and find some other country for U.S. Central Command’s (CENTCOM) forward command post?
  4. whose border is so poorly monitored that 75% of all foreign fighters crossing into Iraq do so from Saudi territory, far more than from Syria?
  5. whose autocratic government either will not or cannot prevent its youth from going to Iraq – an estimated 40% of all foreigners fighting U.S. troops and Iraqi government forces are Saudi nationals – where they become bomb makers, snipers, and suicide bombers?
  6. that nearly 60 years after the creation of the modern state of Israel still refuses to extend diplomatic recognition to Tel Aviv?

    writes Col. Daniel Smith, U.S. Army (Ret.) His blog is The Quakers Colonel

    To which a Lousy Limey might add...

  7. The US Saudi Ambassador received US$1 Bn kickback for the Al Yamamah deal negotiated by Mrs Thatcher from British Aerospace ?
  8. That locked up, tortured, faslely accused and found guilty UK businessmen who they blamed for bombing whose worst crime was selling alcohol ?
  9. Who routinely behead criminals in public ? ( We won't even begin to list all the Human Rights abuses )
  10. Fund Hamas who fight US funded and supported Fatah

Of course if you are militarily over committed there are 2 cards to play: pump up fear of Iran acquiring enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon, or bribe the regional "allies"... or do both. .. toal bill for Saudi, Israel, Egypt is US$63 Bn....so far... and Israel will live with arming Saudi and Congress will do nothing .. but some members will say a lot.

Gordy who has no influence at the WH (and never will) will keep quiet.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the old conspiracy theory argument that we're arming the Saudis so that we can pull out of the region entirely and let local conflicts play themselves out through regional warfare and devastation.

Still, the fear of Iran is NOT pumped up. And there are some valid reasons why CONTINUING to arm Saudi Arabia (and this is NOT a new thing) is a good option. This blog has done a pro/con on it. I suggest you check it. here

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