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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alisher Usmanov , the gross Russian Oligarch extends ownership of struggling London football club

Curious how the criminals who want to control the Premer Division end up trading with the some fairly unpleasant people - Alisher Usmanov , crook, murderer and rapist has bumped up his Arsenal (third rate London soccer club) holding in Red & White Holdings Ltd., buying shares off tax exile and fugitive from the UK authorities Asil Nadir via his son.

David Dein calls to tell us that Alisher splashed out on (2.7% of the total according to a passing dickie bird) shares from 'oirish "financier", Alan Dargan at Lansdowne Holdings at £10,000 a share and poor old Dave only got £8,250. That must now value the club at somewhere north of £600Mn.

This puts the gross and unpleasant Russian Oligarch, Billionaire and Thief holding somehere below 3% less than those owned by Mrs Fiszman's diamond boy Danny.

Oh my - only 3% short of Danny Fiszman. If rumours are to be believed and Kroenke's shares are next, this would take Red & White Holdings to around 33% of the club.

Readers will of course remember that Lansdowne Holding's founder Alan Dargan (father of 4 children) whilst dining with luscious 27 year old irish doctor's daughter and convent educated colleen Carina Coleman (£200K p annum financial advisor) with some clients at Scalini, an Italian restaurant in Chelsea in early 2001 referred to Carina in the phrase ``We'll use Carina as our tethered goat,'' - for the thrd time - a phrase he picked up from the then popular fillum Jurassic Park. Coleman, who assumed it meant she was sexual bait, scolded him, saying ``Alan,'' and everyone laughed.

Coleman says the ``tethered goat'' incidents were just the beginning of a campaign of harassment that ended with her being forced to resign in the August. She lost a case for sexual harassment but won a case for unfair dismissal.

At the tribunal (which sat for 4 weeks) she said Dargan had ``suggested in front of others that (the bank) should install a red warning light outside the main office that should be lit when I had my period in order to warn my colleagues to keep away from me''.

On another occasion, she claimed her boss publicly humiliated her by saying she might ``get lucky''at a wedding and wake up next to someone. She also claimed Dargan had joked that a newborn baby had been ``staring in amazement at the sizeof (her) breasts''.

In their defence the company disclosed an e-mail she sent which included the following "joke"

Q: What do you call the useless piece of skin at the end of a man’s penis?
A: His body.

Alan will be well pleased with his turn on these shares , and even more so with his wife's horse Sedna who with O'Donahugh up won the 4.10 pm Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital Handicap on Sunday at the Curragh with an SP of 10/1.

Fascinating people who follow football.

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