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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bad news for Terrists - The Sphincter of the Yard has retired.

Part time poet E.J.Thribb alerts us to the shocking news that Peter Clarke , The Sphincter of the Yard Britain's most senior anti-terror officer has announced his retirement,as deputy assistant commissioner of the Met (one of many) and will step down on January 31st and remove his vast lunch pail from his office.

Asked for his views on this shock horror announcement Osama bin Laden said at his checkout in Barnet Sainsbury's,

"This is really bad shit man. Does dis mean that they will get some dude in who knows what he is a doin' of. Man. You 'no what I mean ?"

(Scratchy Video of him saying this, will shortly be released by the CIA Scratchy Video and Dodgy Lipsynch Productions Inc.)

Brazilian electricians can however probably breathe a sigh of relief, and everyone who rides the Underground or takes a bus.

"This is sound intelligence" Forest Gate ......that was your favourite phrase which we will all remember you for." We must guard against blame, recrimination, speculation or myths taking the place of solid public information." that was another.

"In case after case, the hand of core Al Qaeda can be clearly seen," that was another which was often repeated as " the hand that stirs the TATP in the bathtub rocks the world" ... a reference to the well known and well established fact that Al Qaeda use military explosives wherever they act in the world - except in the UK, where the preferable route is Lucozade and boot polish and ideally in the confines of an airplane toilet.

Lord Patel, long an admirer of this fat and fearless public servant will shortly be issuing in time for Christmas "How demonising the Muslim Swarthy Bearded Jihadist Hordes gave me a very decent living for a long time ... The Wit and Wisdom of Peter Clarke" complete with AMAZING pictures !!!


Sinclair said...

Peter Clarke, the man who said the following with regard to Mr (NINE British Passports) Dhiren Barot:

It is no exaggeration to say that at the time of the arrest there was not one shred of admissible evidence against Barot. The arrest was perfectly lawful - there were more than sufficient grounds, but in terms of evidence to put before a court, there was nothing.

With respect to Operation Crevice, Clarke also stated:

...the need to coordinate operational activity across three continents and in several countries. If any one country had moved too soon, it would have denied us the opportunity to generate the evidence that we needed in the United Kingdom. And it is one of these instances where the intelligence case was quite clear at a fairly early stage. We had an intelligence picture of what was intended to happen. But the evidential case was not there.

paul said...

Which is why you must lock suspects up for as long as you want until the evidence has been 'produced'

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

So which Private Military Contractor or Global Risk Analysis Consultancy do you think he will be joining, and how soon ?

Who is his likely replacement ?

Anonymous said...

sphincter noun a ring of muscle surrounding an opening such as the anus.

I am not understanding!

Shutter said...

It was the habit of the Press at one time to adopt the nickame used in the met of "The Sphinx" of Mr Peter Clarke.

This name was adopted by his working colleagues to exemplify his taciturn and silent nature, speaking in frequently, but with utterances that were loaded with meaning and knowledge - said to bea characteristic of the Sphinx that guards the secrets of the Pyramids.

By a slight alteration in sound this was translated by the impish racaille or street scum into a description of the bumbling, and surpringly loquacious fool, into a technical description as you provide for arsehole.

The fundament or orifice through which it is evident he communicates with the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shutter.
Now I understand.

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