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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jerry Bremer and disbanding / De-Baatification of the Iraqi Army May 2003 when the "Mission was Accomplished" Ho.Ho.Ho.

It appears that deflecting blame / responsibility for the disbanding the Iraqi Army De-Baatification ,the rising insurgency (whatever that means) was a popular sport even whilst Larry "Call me Jerry" Bremer III was swanning about in Saddam's Palace in 2003.

Pages 223/224 of his "My Year in Iraq" "Jerry" is having a friendly tete a tete with 4 Star General John Abizaid "The mad Arab" about November 7th 2003.

"Abizaid noted he was fed up that .. Walt Slocombe still opposed re-hiring Sunni field - grade Army oficers . "We need experienced Iraqi commanders who can lead troops. I'm sick of reading his opinion on the subject in newspapers."

Slocombe had been responding to reporter's questions .. questions had been raised by anononymous iniformed officers and Pentagon officials looking for someone to blame for the largely unprecedented insurgency we were now fighting.

I told Abizaid I agreed with Slocombe we needed to be very careful ....

"Listen" he said , "I've always told you that I opposed disbanding the Army, but I've never gone to the Press with my opinion."

Always ? Disbanding ? (Jerrys' emphasis)

"Way back in May, Walt Slocombe had consulted CENTCOM while we prepared CPA order No2 dissolving the old Iraqi Defense Ministry, Saddam's intelligence service and security forces. The order recognised the reality that the army had disbanded itself as Coalition forces swept into the country. We had co-ordinated the CPA decision - and had reviewed every word of the order with Paul Wolfowitz and Doug Feith before issuring the decree on May 23rd. Lt. Gnl. David McKiernan , Abizaid's commander on the ground , had been fully consulted too."

It seems impossible to find anyone who "Jerry" didn't discuss it with - certainly he must have included it in his nightly e-mails to his wife.... as well.

Dubya's biographer Mr Draper it appears, is talking through his bottom - or Dubya is lying . But Dubya wouldn't lie would he ? Would he ?

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