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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

McCann's phones bugged - e-mails intercepted - details in Police dossier

Sunday, August 12, 2007 McCanns - Nemesis ?

"Could the Portuguese Police (the inheritors of the feared PIDE of Salazar) portrayed in a truly xenophobic fashion by the UK press as a bunch of stumbling, bumbling Inspector Cloiseau's be playing games ? Short of damning clues, possessors of unusable telephone traces, e- mails, could they be trying to flush out their quarry ? "

The Sun today

"it emerged Portuguese cops bugged the couple’s phones and intercepted their emails in the probe over Maddie"

Channel 4 also report that the dossier of evidence handed to the judge contains details of phone calls / e-mails....

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Anonymous said...

From here

Fortunately, the Mark Warner organisation that runs the holiday camp where Madeleine disappeared was represented by one of the best PRs in the business.

Alex Woolfall is crisis management head at Bell Pottinger, the public relations outfit headed by the original sultan of spin, Lord (Tim) Bell (ex Margaret Thatcher's PR guru). Mr Woolfall’s main clients have included that other global brand Coca-Cola.

For the first fortnight after Madeleine disappeared, he was on the spot in Praia da Luz, acting as gobetween for the family and the growing pack of journalists.

“We were aware from the outset that there was a huge amount of media interest and they were very keen to see the media as a partner,” he said in an interview.

See also the subsequent postings on Julia Hobsbawm .

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