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Saturday, September 22, 2007

media lens - defenders of Free Speech

The above post at media lens the curiously unhumorous site of climate change maniacs and earnest, dull , worthy and windbaggery socialists, has had their dwindling band of readers directed to our coverage of the suppression of free speech - by closing down Craig Murray's blog etc., dastardly lawyers etc.,

Lord Patel enjoys a sense of schdaenfruede having been banned comprehensively by the 2 David's from their (once excellent site) some considerable time ago.

All in the cause of free speech .... of course.


Rory Winter said...

Lord Patel, I share the honour with you of also having been banned by the two dictatorial Davids who live in their little Stalinist gold-fishbowl, Medialens.

It's very sad. I guess these two are suffering from severe male menopause that they've become two intolerant old fogies.

ML should win first prize for being the most boring site on the internet.

Rory (http://chimesofreedom.blogspt.com)

Rory Winter said...

I forgot to mention, I, too, was banned twice by Cromwell & Co: the first time for mentioning Professor Israel Shahak's criticism of Talmudic Judaism (making me an 'anti-semite') and the second time for being rude about George Bush, hence 'anti-American'.

What a load of bullshit. To me the two Cromwellians represent the worst kind of English intellectual snob you could ever hope to find.

With idiots like these no wonder the anti-war movement in this country is in such a mess ...

Anonymous said...

That's not nice, Lord Patel. We're all in this together, you know. Murray would not approve, I'm sure.

Still love 'the rest' of your site, though - minus this post, that is.

Shutter said...

The exact cause of de-fenestration (if there ever was one) was never explained - even though requested.

It was (possibly) precipitated by a piece by one of the twins lauding some obscure esssay, replete with post modern semiotics about society , fish in goldfish bowls ....

The response was a reproduction of Matisse's painting of goldfish with one (apparently) saying -" One day my son, all this will be yours " .. and adopting the screen name of "myopicgoldfish".

Things, as they say just seemed to go downhill from then .....

Perhaps time to start a "Salon de Refusee" again..

What joyless creatures. I will get Toni Fabuloso to say a Novena for them tonight.

Rory Winter said...

Furgaia, you still frequent the old fogies' Message Board at ML and I don't think you've ever experienced the Davids at their dodgiest.

Lord Patel and I have: that's what puts him and me on different sides of the track to you. Your turn, no doubt, will come if you're outspoken enough.

Anonymous said...

RW, that comment above was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I understand the frustration of being banned from sites, especially the ones that we thought were on the 'good' side.

One thing I am finding about blogging is the level to which one must resort to auto-censure when posting on other sites than our own. In such cases, I feel that one must take into account the sensibilities of a whole community instead of just our own.

Media Lens is a wonderful resource IMHO. I have learnt and am still learning a lot from the contributors there. Indeed, a lot of the material that I post on my blog come from there. I am sorry that you and Lord Patel can no longer post there. I can only attribute that to what I said above, that is that the editors feel they have a responsibility to make allowance for various sensibilities and in so doing have to stay clear of what they deem are too radical points of view. I don't know whether that's why they did what they did. I'm just saying.


Shutter said...

It's not radical points of view they dislike, it's people taking the piss out of their po faced parlour socialism and half cocked theories about climate change.

Rory Winter said...

Well, Furgaia, I think that last comment by Shutter about puts its finger on the problem.

I, too, found the Double Dees humourless and very intolerant of anything that approached their personal criticism.

Among the pathetic excuses they dredged-up for my last banning was one of insinuating that George Bush is a coke-sniffer (just look at his nose!) and for using the term "dolly birds" about the predominance of blondes on the BBC News, the last apparently deemed sexist!

I was being deliberately pejorative. The point, it seems, was entirely missed by the two prudes.

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