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Saturday, September 22, 2007

More land theft by Government Ministers in Zimbabwe - which also threatens a farm school

Minister of State Security and Land Resettlement, Didymus Mutasa's lawyer, Gerald Nqobile Mlotshwa was allocated (Trans : given) Enthorpe Farm on August 18th which contains the 200 pupil Rydings farm school. Mlotshwa had submitted a "commercial scheme" after his application for land was deemed successful.

The chairman of the Associated Trust Schools, Jameson Timba said the lawyer attempted to occupy the farm by removing the headmaster from his residence. Mlotshwa was the interim chair of the school in November and December last year. He made an offer to buy the farm around May but was not successful.

The lawyer then appointed Mutasa's nephew, businessman Themba Mliswa, as chairman of the school’s board of governors on August 20th. The appointment disregarded a new board that had already been chosen by parents and the Association of Trust Schools and was chaired by former banker, Richard Chimuka.

Timba said the school's parents petitioned(110 signatories) Robert Mugabe,on August 3rd asking him to nullify the acquisition by Mlotshwa. The petition said in part: "We are concerned that our children's education will certainly be disrupted. We are concerned that a school has been acquired by an individual under the guise that it is land for agricultural purposes."

Mugabe has not replied to this petition and Timba said he had great concerns as the acquisition sets a bad precedent and causes instability within the private community schools in the country.
The Zimbabwe Independent revealed that Mlotshwa was forced to stand down as the interim chairperson of the school in June this year amid allegations of maladministration.

They said the lawyer had tried but failed to buy the farm and all of its immovable and fixed assets for Z$2,5 billion. He allegedly donated money to the school then turned around and took 40 cattle from the school, saying the donated money was payment. He then moved the cattle to Mliswa's farm.

On May 24 this year, Mlotshwa allegedly instructed the school bursar to transfer Z$700 million into his law firm, Antonio & Associates' Trust Account, which was then invested under a debenture trust agreement between Capital Ventures (Pvt) Ltd and Antonio & Associates.This resulted in the school experiencing a cash crisis but , Mlotshwa returned the money with interest.

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