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Saturday, September 15, 2007

" .... the neoconservative penchant for covert action."

Those words are the final phrase in Tom Griffin's 2nd Part of "The Godson approach to political warfare:" in Spinwatch

It starts with this chalenging and arresting statement ...

The claim that Sinn Fein’s Martin MI6Guinness was an MI6 agent must rank as one of the more intriguing intelligence stories of recent years, but a careful examination of the episode may reveal more about disinformation techniques than infiltration of the IRA.

The accusation was originally made in May 2006 by an ex-soldier known by the pseudonym Martin Ingram. A former member of the British Army’s Force Research Unit, Ingram had established some credibility because of his role in identifying Freddie Scappaticci as Stakeknife – a key informer within the IRA
Tom Griffin goes on to explain ..

Ingram’s contention is based on an unpublished document which he claims is a record of Martin MI6Guinness and an MI6 handler plotting the IRA’s human bomb attack campaign of 1990. Both the Sunday Times and Ireland’s Sunday Tribune were shown transcripts of this document, but neither was permitted to see the original.

Both papers were sceptical about the material, which the Sunday Times described as ‘a fabrication.’ Such a forgery would be consistent with the covert action techniques described by Roy Godson in his book Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards.

“People will believe what they want to,” Godson writes. “Disinformation is unlikely to have much impact on targets not predisposed to a certain belief. Therefore the primary consideration of the forger is to identify and play to predispositions; worrying about the quality or plausibility of the disinformation comes second."
Who would be predisposed to the belief that Martin MI6Guinness is an MI6 agent? One obvious answer is dissident republicans, who see the Good Friday Agreement as a betrayal.

Pic is of Martin MI6 Guiness furthest right in 1972 when he was 21, dressed in an IRA uniform at the funeral of fellow IRA member and close friend Colm Keenan.

Colm and Eugene McGillen, were both killed on Bloody Sunday when MI6Guinness has admited to the BS Enquiry that he was 2nd in command in Derry on that day .. but refuses to accept he fired the first shot.

" .... the neoconservative penchant for covert action." 7/7 , 21/7 , London , Glasgow and the general out of school activities of the Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville-Jones Fan Club.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Who fired the First shot on Bloody Sunday

A number of years ago I was drinking (quite heavily) with the son of a man that was an officer in the Royal Green Jackets (The British Army's elite modern Rifle Regiment.) at the time of Bloody Sunday.

When we had reached a quite advanced stage of inebriation he confided to me that his father had told him something that had disturbed him (the father) for many years.

The fathers confession went thus: Members of the regiment were stationed on rooftops in the area on the day of the march. This was not a usual occurance according to the father.

The father then went on to say that when he learned about this he confronted one of his superior officers and asked why this had happened on that particular day. He was told to keep quiet and not mention it again.

The father told his son that the only reason he could see that would explain their prescence and his being ordered to keep quiet was that their job was to fire the shots that would spark the Parachute regiment into over-reaction thus creating the necessary outrage on the part of the nationalist community to cause the IRA to militarily engage the British Army.

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