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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taliban shot by "the dozen" in Afghanistan as ramadan kicks off with nationwide deaths and air strikes

Ramadam ( a period of spiritual cleansing) kicked off peacefully in Afghanistan with only 75 dead on Day 1. In Uruzgan "insurgents"attacked a joint Afghan army and U.S.-led coalition patrol with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire.

Afghan soldiers "cleared" Taliban fighters from firing positions within the village of Aduzay. Meanwhile airstrikes were called in and left 45 dead "Taliban".

The coalition reported that no Afghan or coalition soldiers or civilians were wounded or killed in the Aduzay incident.

The bag for shooting dead Taliban has grown rather well these last few weeks (Maybe they use the Monbiot calculus) with, " more than 300 suspected Taliban fighters killed since late August", according to the U.S.-led coalition.

Associated Press have been attempting to count the dead insurgency-related violence this year based on figures from Western and Afghan officials. The bag so far is more than 4,300 people. Men, women, children ...Other sources claim more than 7,000 people have been killed during the past 19 months in Afghanistan.

Zhari district, Kandahar today an Afghan-NATO patrol found and defused 3 IED's and were shortly after ambushed by Taliban fighters. A helicopter gunship joined the ensuing battle, which left 12 "militants" dead, said Syed Agha Saqib, the provincial police chief .

Zabul province:11 Taliban fighters were killed by heroes of the NATO helped by Afghan soldiers on Wednesday, said Gulab Shah Alikhail, the governor's spokesman. (some reports say " a dozen killed").

Herat province : 2 Police were killed in a 5 hour fire - fight on Wednesday.

Farah province : 1 Afghan soldier was killed

Takah province : 2 "civilians" were killed by a bomb hidden in a cart that exploded near a police station.

Helmand province : Police shot and killed a would-be suicide bomber before he could detonate his explosives on Thursday, said Gen. Mohammad Hussein Andiwal, the provincial police chief. Fighting erupted after after a suicide bomber rammed a U.S. security firm convoy , killing two local staff and wounding eight other people.

Paktia province : an Afghan security guard was killed in a roadside bomb attack

Badakashan province : a Bangladeshi national was shot dead by "suspected insurgents".The man was working on a microfinance project in the rugged, underdeveloped province of Badakshan and had gone to a remote village with a colleague to collect a loan when he was attacked, the provincial police commander said. Two gunmen opened fire on them as they approached the village on Wednesday, commander Aqa Noor Kendoz said. The Bangladeshi was killed and his Afghan colleague was wounded.

The Taliban did no claim responsibility. The victim as employed by the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) as an area project manager.

He was the first foreign national with BRAC to be killed in Afghanistan although some of the group's Afghan employees had been targeted. BRAC has been in Afghanistan since 2002 and works on development projects, including building schools, roads and clinics. Its microfinance programme in Afghanistan work largely with poor and disadvantaged women.

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