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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To save Baghdad we had to destroy it

The delightful, polylingual Nur has her views on the nocturnal Baghdad bashing via L'Orient du jour

According to Iraqi officials, [inexcusable] US air strikes in Baghdad killed 14 civilians during the night of 5/6 September, an embarrassing incident at a time when US military command is claiming [phantom] success in the pacification [submission] of the country.

In a [disingenuous] communiqué, US command [falsely] explained that the [repugnant] operation was conducted against [misidentified] extremist Shi’ites who were part of an [alleged] terror cell operating in the al-Washash area of Baghdad”. “Ground units” [jokers] called in a [dis]proportionate air strike against building a [wrongly] identified as the source of light arms fire, continued the communiqué. “Four [apartment] buildings were damaged [completely destroyed]. Two were enemy bastions [an internet café] and two neighboring [residential] buildings were subject to moderate damage [toppled].

Crocker of shit


Nur-al-Cubicle said...

glad you enjoyed the piece...BTW what's Big Tony up to. I hear he says Fatah doesn't have enough cops..

Shutter said...

You are up early /late my sweet. You need yr beauty sleep.

Tony has become a Catholic Zionist and now resides in the US owned COlony Hotel in Tel Aviv where smiling Arab boys deal with his every wish.

In betwen hugs and kisses from Olmerde he is working on his tan and making sure none of those pesky Gazans
1. Eat
4. Live

Of course Fatah need more guns /police / handcuffs / truncheons and that nice Mr Abbas has some firends who are busy arranging it al as the Euros flow in.

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