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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tom Wise UKIP MEP - "The Cracked Voice of Freedom cries!" ... makes allegations

We have to thank England Expects for the full text of the historic interruption by the absurdly goatee bearded, fun loving Tom Wise MEP - (one of the warmed over Neanderthals that makes up the numbers of the UKIP party) into the debate on EU Energy Securitythis week. This can be found here and the recording here on blip.tv as a 2 minute MP3 file posted by Matthias at Swiss Metablog ,who has been doing a splendid job of concentrating and detailing posts and Press / TV comment on Craig's travails with Mr Usmanov's showbiz lawyers and his ex ISP.

Mr Tom Wise MP the fearless, outspoken, publicity seeking, johnny come lately, rider of passing band waggons, a newbie at the trough of public expenditure, is a recent recruit to slagging off Russian gangsters, and apparently enthralled the assembled European Parliamentary multitudes with these really stinging, forthright, biting, witty, remorselessly damning remarks ..

Gazprom is not a private company; it is a state controlled tool of Russian foreign policy. It is, moreover, in the hands of Putin's political henchmen, and allegedly organised crime.

Take for example Alisher Usmanov...... Allegedly a gangster and racketeer

What a mealy mouthed wanker !

Mr Wise and UKIP appear to have more in common with the wannabe fat , flag waving nationalist and xenophobic Uzbek / Russian, gangster, drug baron, money launderer and rapist than might first appear - although the criminality of their ex and exiled member Ashley Mote jailed for 9 months, 2 weeks ago, for massive benefit fraud (he continues it appears to retain his salary of £75 K whilst in the slammer) cannot match the likes of Alisher Usmanov and his colleagues.

Bloggers must be thankful that he raises the topic - albeit in a forum which their representatives wish to abolish but are happy to be overpaid to appear in. Those who wish to sack the citadels of power must secure them first. Would that the stndard bearers in the cause of freedom of speech were not held by the racist scum, narrow minded bigots, xenophobes and shop keepers that the UKIP are and whose constituency they so ably represent.

It is little comfort that a UKIP loony-toon is the sole Parliamentarian amongst some 1,200 MP's, MEP's, WMP's,SMP's to raise a voice for the "alleged" freedom of speech.

It is not the silencing of the blogs - it is the silence of our elected representatives, our legislators that is so shameful.

Where are Dennis Skinner, George Galloway, Tommy Sheridan , the inheritors of George Lansbury, George Brown, Michael Foot, ... what do we hear from the doe eyed, slim, beautiful telegenic, ex Home Office trained, Sami Chakrabarti with her wistful gaze and carefully tied scarf when freedom of speech is threatened ?

Members of the Sealed Lips Society.

Pic by Beau Bo D 'or who can probably soon expect a carefully drafted letter from Schhh you know who, practised and proven quasi legal extortionists to the stars and Z list celebs, crooks, cooks and con-men acting on behalf of Cadbury Schweppes plc for breach of mandamus, "pissing off", theft of trademark, bringing the company into ridicule, making jokes and compensation for damaging the reputation of a brand established in 1217 by Jacob Schweppes ... and ..er ... legal cost for typing out this letter.

PS : UKIP have a very good Policy statement on UK energy policy prepared by Gerard Batten Oct 2006 which can be viewed here http://www.gerardbattenmep.co.uk/pdf/ukipenergy.pdf

Well the analysis is clear , simple, brief, accurate and commendable. A model of it's kind which any political party could well examine and any sensible schoolchild ( the one's that can read) could understand.

The future policy is .... we are in the shit but carry on best we can.. burn more gas ... dig up more coal(- Q1 2007 Total indigenous UK production of coal decreased by 27.9% on Q1 2006) ...er ... research alternative energy .. build 10 nuclear power stations which would cost the same as the EU for 2 years ...er ..that's it.

Evidently well thought out and highly practical.... Did someone mention the debate Mr Wise was interrupting, was about Euopean energy security ?

UPDATE : 25/9/07 9.30 The text of Wise's words of wisdom, as though they had been handed down from Mt Sinai are repeated here and here . Eurasia Uzbek has a useful article here which gives some handy background and points out that fat gangster Usmanov does have some Uzbek based supporters and points to Arbuz - net and explains ... rather cautiously ..

Alisher Usmanov – an Uzbek-born Russian tycoon

While foreign bloggers and politicians continue accusing Alisher Usmanov of being (a)very shady person, Uzbek internet users support him . The reason is, first of all, for him being Uzbek and secondly, for being a link between Uzbekistan and Russia, a relationship that is very important for Uzbekistan. In general, Usmanov has (a) pretty good reputation in Uzbekistan. Moreover, there are rumors that Usmanov and president Karimov are close friends and bound by many common experiences

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Elaib said...

As one of those warmed up cavemen you so ably skewer may I first thank you for the link.
Yes it would have been better if the alledghedlies hadn't been there, personally I didn't see the point, he was under parliamentary privilage, after all.

But despite the caveats, and the accusations of band wagon jumping, (this only kicked off last week, after all and that deabate was the first legitimate time to raise it given Usmanov's interests in Gazprom) at least he do something.

YYou are right, where the hell are the rest of them?

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