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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review - counter terrorism, security and intelligence (we'll call it CONTEST)

2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review - counter terrorism, security and intelligence (we'll call it CONTEST)

Some interesting figures can be and have been extracted ..

By the end of 2007-08, CONTEST spending will be £2.5 Bn. a year.

This "investment" in CONTEST will rise to £3.5 Bn. a year by 2010/11 . 3 times the levels of pre 9/11

* the budget for spending on CONTEST will continue its historic real terms growth since 2001, with real growth over this period of 9.6% p.a.

* over £220m additional resources per year by 2010-11 for the Home Office's CONTEST budget - taking real growth in the department's total budget to over 1 % p.a. over the CSR07 period;

* over £100 million over the three years of the CSR07 period to stop people in the UK being drawn into violent extremism; and

* £61 million a year by 2010-11 for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British Council and the BBC World Service to breakdown (?) cultural barriers and misunderstandings, working with present and future opinion makers ( a role for Common Purpose ?) and communities at home and abroad - propaganda (AKA "UK's public diplomacy")

£21 million a year by 2010-11 will be provided for the launch of a new Farsi television channel and 24/7 Arabic TV. These services will give the BBCWS a tri-media presence (radio, online and TV) in the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan. The British Council will receive an additional £3 million a year by 2010-11 for its Reconnect initiative to build understanding with Muslim societies, particularly amongst alienated younger populations.

The Government has also announced :

* a new Single Security and Intelligence Budget which brings together all dedicated counter-terrorism and intelligence funding for the Security and Intelligence Agencies, the police and all parts of government responsible for addressing threat from terrorism. The Ministerial Committee on National Security International Relations and Development, chaired by the Prime Minister, will review the spending plans for this budget on an annual basis; and

* a new counter-terrorism Public Service Agreement (PSA) No. 26 - Reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from international terrorism. This is a 4 page document and it's introduction (see the heading) makes quite clear who the "enemy" is ..."violent extremists who act in the name of Islam".

Want to know more about what is involved in this PSA ? .... the Stasi was more open.

Excerpts from PSA 26 © Crown copyright 2007 and we'll add © RUSI 2007 and © Lady Dame Jane Pauline neville Jones Fan Club 2007 just to be on the safe (ish) side.

Now who was banging on about Fascist - Islamist Awareness week that's simultaneously hitting the campuses (campii?) of the US and the mean streets of London soon as the Stop Islamisation Of Europe is planning to hold a rally in London on 26th October.

Why does the name Dhiran Barot and the Bombless dirty bomber pleads guilty, press spreads the fallout, keep being mentioned around here ?

Here is a riddle : What is the connection between Dhiran Barot and his "Limousines of Death" got to do with the "Mercedes Unexploding Limousines of Death" outside a NIGHTCLUB in London this summer? Please Text your answer to someone at New Scotland Yard.

See Guradian 10/10/07 Security / More for terrorism and neighbourhood policing


Stef said...

All those bombs and plots might not have brought a Global Caliphate any nearer (how could they?) but they have made some people an awful lot of money...

Stef said...

...but it's not just about the money is it

paul said...

If you split up the home office to institutionalise the war on terror, naturally they're going to need a few bob to keep the show on the road.

Answer to the riddle:
The hindu2muslim convert bharot's notebooks presented about as much danger as the mercedes of menace
The boys and girls in the promotions dept are too lazy to think up new 'chilling plans' for 'unimaginable carnage'

paul said...

Just plead guilty son, and we'll go easy...ha ha ha

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