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Monday, October 22, 2007

Charles de Menezes - Criminal mastermind who led gang of shoplifters ?

'Drew(that's short for Andrew) who used to work in a men's outitters on Oxford Street Identified Charles de Menezes today on CCTV from film taken shortly after he left the shop.

Asked if he identified de Menezes he said that he remebered the short, dark, curly haired man carrying the jacket to the till and paying for his purchases.

Asked how he knew it was de Menezes , 'Drew told the court that when the Police asked him to view the film 6 weeks ago he was certain it was him. "It was definitely him, because the the copper with him jumped up and said, "There he is the the thieving lying, fucking Paki bastard".

Asked how he knew he was leader of a gang of shoplifters who had been plaguing Oxford Street, he said it was obvious, buying things "on the straight" was a well known method of concealing their criminality.

He had learnt that when he was in Woodham Ferrars Youth Prison and palled up with a Paki.

PC Peter Clarke when further questioned admitted that when the witness had seen Menezes he did "confirm" the identity of the subject.He couldn't remember having described in the way the witness had..."but it was all a long time ago".

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paul said...

What was the source for this fascinating exchange? I can't find it anywhere on the 'internet'!!

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