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Friday, October 12, 2007

Derek Pasquill on Official Secrets charges - "it will end in tears before bedtime..you mark my words"

The ridiculous Attorney General and champion spectacles fiddler and adjuster Baroness Scotland had that Derek Pasquill, 48 up in Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday.

Suspended from his job at the Foregn Office and arrested the same day in January last year - he was charged on On Sept 27, with 6 offences of exposing Jack Straw as a liar and a complete twat under the Official Secrets act with disclosing a letter entitled "Detainees" - which refers to "rendition" or rather " official or State kidnapping" of terrorist suspects without charge or due legal process, representation and contraray to any legal rights of habeas corpus they may have , plus 2 curious letters "Engaging with Islamists" and "Hearts and minds and Muslims".

This extrordinary charge sheet also includes reference to two memos entitled "Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood - terrorists?" and " Egypt: contact with the Muslim brotherhood".

Remanded on unconditonal bail until October 26th , the case was described as "complex" by Mr Pasquill's solicitor.

The New Statesman has an entertaining cover story today " An abuse of power and the hounding of an official" Martin Bright also provides a brief and enlightening history of Mr Jack Straw's very flexible political views. "Man of straw" (Ho Ho Ho, another journalistic first)
John Kampfner also has an editorial in the New Statesman "An Abuse of state power"

A useful summary of this everyday story of Government lies and decei and attempts to suppress and frighten employees of the State can be found at Index on Censorship: Britain: secrets and sources

The New Statesman exclusive about Foreign Office discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood: Talking to terrorists

Martin Bright's article in the Observer from August 2005: Leak shows Blair told of Iraq war terror link

Bright's Policy Exchange pamphlet on the government's policy of appeasement with radical Islam : When progressives treat with reactionaries - The British State's flirtation with Radical Islam - see acknowledgment below..

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