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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Military Covenant

The UK military top brass lost their marbles a long time ago along with their capacity to lead and inspire.

They may take a lesson from the priod when Sweish naval power was at it's height in the early 17th Century - Chancellor Oxenstierna wrote to KIng Gustavus Adolphus ;

It seems to me that it is esential that your Majesty should above all things labour to create a powerful fleetat sea; a fleet of good ships , and most especially a fleet very numerous,so that you may be masterof every nook and cranny ofthe Baltic;and further that all the sailorsand all that is used aboard ship , be before all else well maintained, and meetly and handsomely provided,so that the crews may be kept both in spirits and in health...

Riklanseren Axel Oxenstiernas Skrifter och brelvaxling

A prescription which is concise and all encompassing,as relevant to land forces or those of the air or the sea.

Regrettably these excellent precepts were not followed after the death of the writer and the addressee and the Swedish Fleet nearly met it's nemesis in 1675 against the combined Dutch and Danish fleets. The Swedish admirals, Creutz and Horn had no experience of naval warfare, preferring the joys and delights of life in port to sea. As a consequence it took 8 hours to weigh anchor to set sail after the Dutch Admiral Tromp and the Danish fleet under Admiral Juel.

The result was that by summer 1676 they had fled in panic, lost control of the Baltic and the German provinces of Bremen, Pomerania and Verden were overrun.

Whilst UK provinces are not under threat it is evident that years of neglect of supplying the right equipment, decent provision of services and accomodation have taken their toll on men and morale.

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