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Thursday, October 04, 2007

MRAP vehicles are NOT mine resistant

The Cougar Mine Resistant Armoured Protection vehicle (MRAP) vehicle is the US$600,000 a pop answer to IED's. This is what happened to one in Iraq . The crew escaped with only minor injuries and no one was killed, and no-one was caught.These pics are NOT courtesy the DOD or the MOD.

This is where the engine should be

...and this is where it ended up.

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It may be of interest that the office of the Sergeant at Arms of the US Senate ,Washington has had a look at the above . A post currently held by Terrance W. Gainer since January 4, 2007.

Worth noting that in a long and very distinguished Police / military career, in October 2006, Mr. Gainer was named Vice President and Program Manager, Law Enforcement Programs, International Group for MPRI an L-3 communications company. In that capacity, Mr. Gainer was responsible for a multi-million dollar innovative law enforcement program supporting Army and Marine operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That's the outfit that helped General Gotovina, (captured 7th Dec.2005 in Canary islands)now cooling his heels in the Hague slammer commit genocide against the Serbs at Banje Luka and roundabout and up and down in "Operation Storm" and whose staff could give such interesting testimony should he ever see the inside of a court. His trial was due to start in May 2007 but seems to hvebeen postponed "indefinitely" - sine die

Interesting pro-Gotovina site here


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! This couldn't be the reason then why the bombings have suddenly subsided in Iraq. It couldn't be Ramadan either because the bombings went on last year throughout. May be it's due to coverage restriction or may be it's because of the oncoming elections in the UK and USA. If so it gives rise to the possibility of UK/USA involvement in the bombings to decimate the country. Two UK soldiers/SAS? were caught in a car with explosives dressed as Arabs.

Anonymous said...

The Cougar is tested for 30 lb mines. The pictures you have are what happens when a 300 lb mine goes off under a Cougar. A 300 lb mine will stop a tank

Anonymous said...

Disproportionate response from the sand niggers eh?

Simply not cricket it is ?

Anonymous said...

This vehicle performed better than advertised: the crew lived with only minor injuries. Any other vehicle in this situation: 2-3 dead, 2-3 very seriously wounded, cost millions to the taxpayer.

Last month we lost six U.S. in this area of operations. These vehicles, together with an impressive variety of prevention measures, produced that kind of success rate.

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