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Monday, November 19, 2007

Blair / Blair how the IPCC were illegally kept out of investigation of the murder of De Menezes

IPCC report....

17.5 Chief Inspector ZT is attached to the CO19 firearms section of LEMANSTREET. He was appointed as the Post-Incident Manager. At 1015 Chief Inspector ZT commenced a post-incident log. He was engaged inconversations with the DPS (Directorate of Professional Standards).

17.20 Following the shooting of Jean Charles DE MENEZES, theCommissioner of the Metropolitan Police wrote to Sir John GIEVE,Permanent Secretary, at the Home Office (copy here)informing him that he had given a direction that the IPCC would not be given access to the scene ofthe shooting and the matter would not be referred to by the IPCC. Indeed at 10:55hrs, on 22 July 2005, 49 minutes after the fatal shooting,Detective Superintendent ZP of the Directorate of Professional Standards recorded in his policy file the direct order from theCommissioner was that the IPCC was to be excluded.

17.21 Chief Inspector ZT also recorded in his decision log at 10:48hrs only 42 minutes after the shooting that the IPCC were to be excluded. He states that he was told that this was on the authority of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Prime Minister.

The letter from Blair to Gieve was curiously dated 21st July, and is obviously properly dated 22nd July... it states ..." In the meeting we had with the Prime Minister yesterday " ...presumably in the aftermath of the 21/7 "bombings".

42 minutes after the murder of de Menezes, both the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Blair)and the Prime Minister (Blair)were able to (quite illegally) keep the IPCC off the case.

The IPCC report lamely reports ..

17.22 The pressures under which the Metropolitan Police were operating following the events of 7 July and 21 July are self-evident. However, the fact that the independent body established by an Act of Parliament to investigate complaints and serious incidents involving the police, and
which has independently investigated every fatal police shooting since 1 April 2004 was now to be excluded from the scene, is a major concern for an independent investigation, and should never occur again.

Might it not be a good idea to find out from the (now ex) Prime Minister why he authorised the exc lusion of the IPCC as recorded by Chief Inspector ZT (who is handily also "attached to the CO19 firearms section of LEMANSTREET") in his post incident log 42 minutes after the murder?

Might it not be a good idea to find out from Chief Inspector ZT who actually communicated the Prime Ministerial and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police authorisation to him , and it's nature - phone call, e mail, written, verbal ?

CCTV tapes were wiped, hard disks wiped or "disappeared" , a surveillance log was altered, and hymn sheets prepared ...

17.19 In this incident no initial notes were obtained. It is worthy of comment that eight officers have been interviewed under caution in relation to alleged comments about the terms ‘armed police’ being used prior to Mr DE MENEZES being killed. The fact that the officers made their notes together will attract comment. It is understood that it is general practice that officers are to be treated as witnesses of truth unless and until they are suspected of criminal offences. It follows that they are permitted to make their notes together.

..... not to mention the complete absence of any evidence from civilian witnesses to the murder.....except

20.90 It may be of significance that none of the 17 passengers in the carriage recall hearing a challenge of ‘armed police’. There is no doubt that CO19 officers shouted police and armed police as they ran down the escalators, but there is significant doubt as to whether they shouted this
in the carriage.


Stef said...

Next stop, the actual inquest into JCdM's execution

You can only wonder how they're going to fiddle that one...

Shutter said...

Probly qua Lady Di wait ten years ?

Anonymous said...

Also of interest is the heading of the letter: "Operation KRATOS: suicide bombers".

Were we not told at the recent trial that KRATOS had not been invoked?

As for the ultimate inquest, don't worry. The fix is in already:

"Diana inquest judge attacks 'rubbish' laws"


They're going to change the law so that evidence can be submitted in written form only, and not subject to the cross-examination that is the basis of the common law adversarial system.

That way they can keep Paul Burrell out of the witness box.

paul said...

It's true, the postman always delivers

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