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Friday, November 02, 2007

Christ CHurch clebrates as another son of the "House" escapes Justice

The BBC reports ..."Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has rejected calls for Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to resign. "

Naturally, that was the deal, no-one gets fingered for Lord Levy selling Honours for party contributions and no-one gets the sack for murdering Charles de Menezes, in daylight in cold blood, in public. With 5/6/7/8/9... dum dum bullets to the head after being under surveillance for an hour.

Without the killers appearing in court to answer questions.

Without the members of the public who witnessed the nurder being called to give evidence of the threat that Charles de Menezes posed.

Without any public questioning of the illegal delay introduced by Sir Ian Blair to the IPCC undertaking an enquiry immediately whilst evidence was destroyed, doctored, stroies from the hyjm sheet synchronised etc., etc.,

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Anonymous said...

One thing I've learned from all this, if ever you hear a shout "Armed Police!!" point to the nearest male stranger and shout "There he is!!".

1008: Operations Room is informed that the target has been shot.

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