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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dutch Virgin Pill - fools your husband but not the Almighty

Muslim brides are expected to be virgins. Historically this has been evidenced by a flow of blood as the hymen is ruptured - apparently this only occurs in about 60% of initial vaginal intercourse ... according to medical science.

Reconstructive hymen surgery is available, is expensive, painful and pointless - but it may deceive the bridegroom.

The University Medical Center of Utrecht (UMC) receives about 20 requests annually from girls of Turkish and Moroccan origin to undergo a hymen repair. About half of the requests are accepted, says gynaecologist Ineke Van Seumeren.

The Dutch Minister of Health, Hoogervorst is on record saying he wants to stop to hymen repairs . In these operations the hymen is "restored" by sewing the vagina walls to each other, thus ensuring rupture and bleeding on the wedding night. That happens since men want their wife to bleed on the wedding night in order to show that she is a virgin.

This contradicts medical ethics" Hoogervorst said in the parliament. "There are big question marks about this interference." Hoogervorst, who was answering a question by one of the parliament members said that the restoration operations are on the same rank as female circumcision and called it a crime.

Now Van Seumeren has invented a suppository which she has had manufactured. The vaginal suppository works quite simply. The pill contains red gelatin that once inserted becomes fluid after half an hour by the body's temperature.

The "virgin pill" (Dutch : 'maagdenpil') has caused considerable interest in Holland - so far the service appears to be free.The Muslim fathers say that whilst you may deceive your husband you cannot deceive God.

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