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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Edward VIIth's illegitimate sone who broke Enigma and was "C" and Kim Philby's boss.

On May 6, 1910 King Edward VII died and a few weeks later there was a scheduled race meeting at Ascot. A correspondent in the Daily Telegraph remembers how his ex - mistresses Mrs Jenny Churchill nee Jerome (Winston's mother), Mrs Alice Keppel (who was present at his deathbed) and Lily Langtrey attended with their fabulous anf fashinable Black hats in their usual pace - apparently named by some wag as "the Loose Box". (pic Lord Londonderry , Countess of Derby and her daughter Victoria Stanley at Black Ascot)

This reminds Lord Patel of Lieutenant - Colonel (later Major General) Sir Stewart Menzies (Mingis as in the leader ex leader of the Liberal Democrats) who became the third fabled "C" of the Secret Intelligence Services in 1939 and in 1941 became the boss of Kim Philby - the "Third Man".It ws due to him that he was abale on a trip to Warsaw just prior to his becoming "C" an "Enigma" coding machine was obtained in Warsaw from Polish military sources and provided to Bletchley...as a result he was hugely responsible for controlling MKULTRA decoded signals from Bletchley throughout the war.(The Hut Six Story Breaking the Enigma Codes 1982by Gordon Welshman unequivocally states that the British Ultra "would never have gotten off the ground if we had not learned from the Poles, in the nick of time, the details both of the German military Enigma machine, and of the operating procedures that were in use."

He was, as Mrs Morell Smith frequently used to remind her dinner party companions the illegitmiate son of King Edward VIIth - a fact he used to enjoy - and his noble presence at Ascot in ceremonial dress uniform was always remarked upon. (pic right)

(There is also an absurd rumour that the "4th Man", Anthony Blunt, a fellow spy of Philby , was an illegitimate son of George V, half-brother and remarkably look-alike (see pic) to Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor.)

Hitler is man on the right.

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"When Stanley Baldwin replaced Ramsay MacDonald as prime minister in 1935 he appointed Lord Halifax as his war secretary and as leader of the House of Lords. In 1936Halifax visited Nazi Germany for the first time. Halifax's friend, Henry (Chips) Channon, reported: "He told me he liked all the Nazi leaders, even Goebbels, and he was much impressed, interested and amused by the visit. He thinks the regime absolutely fantastic"...


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