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Monday, November 26, 2007

John McCarthy another of the secret conduits for Mr Abraham's cash that nobody but Mr Watt knew about - except the badgers

Click to enlarge - the Electoral Commision record of donations to the Labour Party by John McCarthy, a solicitor (who can probably understand the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000) who acted a a conduit for gifts / donations to the Labour Party - about which the General Secretary and Registered Treasurer Peter Watt was fully aware. Mr Abrahams' solicitor is (he claims), Louis Charalambous of the Soho law firm Simons Muirhead & Burton,

The incurious Dianne Hayter, Chairman of the NEC (her husband is Professor David Caplin, Prof of Physics Imperial College - her pic in younger and happier days after a PhD in History from London University) who was the direct boss of Peter Watt knew nothing about any such arrangements (she is a fucking liar) nor did anyone else on the NEC , nor did Gordon Brown .... at least that what I saw and heard her say on Newsnight a few minutes ago.

Of course Peter Watt was only in post for the last 2 years and these secret conduits had been operating since 2003 ..... David Triesman - now Lord Triesman (Jan 2004) , Zionist and when Lord Patel first knew him a raving Leninist / trot (depending upon the amount of alcohol consumed) was General Secretary 2001-3 who was followed by Matt Carter who followed Lord triesman on Jan 1st 2004 and resigned after the 2005 Election victory on 6th September 2005 - who must have been familiar with Labour Party folks in the NE as he started in 1998 as a local Labour organiser for three constituencies and Teesside and Durham.

This is a big job; nothing secretarial about it: he is the boss. “I’m the chief executive,” he explains, bemused that it needs explaining.... he told the Times in January 2005.

Wouldn't it be interesting to ask him about Mr Abrahams' shyness ?...not to mention his curious ways of funding the party he loves.

The Daily Telegraph reveals that a company linked to Mr Abrahams (Durham Green Developments, of whom the named directors are Ruddick and Kidd (but not Abrahams)), received permission last year to develop a new 540-acre business park near Durham after the Highways Agency, part of the Department of Transport, removed its previous objection.

Mr Alexander was the Transport Secretary in 2006 when the block on Mr Abraham's scheme was lifted.

Date of Incorporation: 19/10/2006

It seems the application in 2003 was withdrawn when Durham City Council told them they would face an "Article 14" block by the Highways Agency, unless they could provide assurances that the development would not cause traffic chaos on the A1M.

Last year they re-submitted the application as the new company , having provided more detailed information about the traffic implications and it was given the go-ahead by the Liberal Democrat-controlled council.

Jan Hillary of the city council is reported to have said the council's understanding was that Durham Green Developments actually belongs to Mr Abrahams.

Is there be any connection between the donation to Labour, the lifting of the threat of an "Article 14" order by the Highways Agency and the fact the Douglas Alexander, Gordon Brown's loyal ally and Labour's general election co-ordinator, was Transport Secretary at the time?

Emphatically not, insist both the Department for Transport officials and close aides of Wee Dougie, currently sunning himself in Tanzania, as International Development Secretary.

In a hastily issued statement The Department said : "Since 1995 the Highways Agency has been able to impose or lift an Article 14 without having to refer their decision to the Secretary of State.

"In this particular case, the Secretary of State was not made aware of the situation, was not asked to approve the Highways Agency decision and had no involvement in any part of the process."

Lord Patel thinks Louis Charalambous is going to be kept mighty busy in the near future... he was of course the lawyer chosen by the Lloyd family to act on the behalf of ITN journo Terry Lloyd murdered by the US Army in the early days of the illegal Iraq invasion.

Least of the Greek speaking Mr C's concerns will be badgers and their setts. These were found to be present on the site that Durham Green wanted to develop. On a bulky planning file, was a separate report (Appendixx 9.3) on the discovery of badger setts on the proposed development site. On the front page was a post-it note which read: "Confidential!!! Don't let the public see!"

The report detailed the discovery in April 2005 of ten badger setts at the proposed site for the new development.

Under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 it is illegal to interfere with a badger sett or any part of it. Offenders face up to six months in jail and up to £5,000 fine for each offence.
Before any work can go ahead that is likely to damage a badger sett a special licence must be obtained from English Nature. It was not clear in the council documents whether such a licence had been sought by Mr Abrahams.

Bdaily.info reported the passing of the planning application this way ...

A multi-million pound business park planned for the outskirts of Durham could create around 5,000 new jobs, developers believe. Outline planning permission has been granted by Durham City Council to establish Durham Green Business Park adjacent to the A1 (M), junction 61, and the nearby motorway service area, at Bowburn, County Durham.

The business park is part of a larger site identified for commercial development and potentially incorporates a rail freight terminal on the main East Coast line. The ambitious plans include 500,000 sq ft of office space, which will incorporate amenity retail space.

Project manager Angus White, director at Naylors Chartered Surveyors – part of the professional team working on the project, said: “Durham Green is a tremendous opportunity to provide offices to a size and quality not really offered in the North East in an environmental setting that international companies are demanding.� Phase 1 will act as a major catalyst for long-term growth.”

The development is being led by private property developer Durham Green Developments in partnership with the Bank of Scotland.

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