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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RAF Typhoon drops bomb in sea off Wales.

The RAF's "newest and most versatile multi-role fighter"( (c) RAF), Eurofighter Typhoon in development for 18 years and after the expenditure of zillions (say about half what we will lose in Northern Wreck ...ish) has just dropped it's first bomb on 15th November from an in-service Typhoon. (BAE systems dropped one on October 17th)

A 1000lb Paveway 2 laser guided bomb (LGB) was dropped by a Typhoon of No. 11 Squadron based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. The bomb was dropped / aimed 20 miles out in Cardigan Bay at the QinetiQ weapons range at Aberporth, Cardigan - where they have been developing the totally useless UK UAV for over 25 years without success - which is why the Army use Israeli UAV's in Afghanistan - when they can find someone to train to use them.

This wasn't a solof effort because the The RAF Typhoon carrying out the trial was accompanied by a BAE Systems twin-seat Typhoon which was carrying a Rafael Litening lll laser pod which illuminated the target. This was from the RAF's 17(Reserve) Squadron, the Operational Evaluation Unit, which is also based at RAF Coningsby.

Baroness Taylor, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support said; the Earthe moved for me "The first RAF bomb drop is a significant step towards the Typhoon being ready for operational use."

Trials will continue to achieve an initial air-to-ground attack capability by the summer of 2008. This follows on from the aircraft being declared operational in the air-to-air role, defending UK air space from aerial threats, on 29 June this year.

The RAF will not of course be using the cannon.

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