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Monday, November 19, 2007

Republican Senator Gives the party, a tiny, tiny problem

A hearing is scheduled for November 28th in the case of the indicted escort agency owner / operator Deborah Palfrey - her "escorts" provided only legal "sexual fantasy services" .

Her colourful Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley has subpoenaed the Louisiana Republican first-term senator David Vitter to testify.(pic with his wife)

Sibley said he'll ask Vitter pointedly, "As a client, did you engage in illegal sex acts?"

Vitter can fight the subpoena or take the Fifth.

Palfrey is also attempting to subpoena a former escort who was employed as a legal secretary at the firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld - known to her escort customers as "Jennifer".

In a recent filing with the Supreme Court, Sibley revealed that he earns $3,700 a month, for an annual total of $44,400, and drives a 2004 Mazda. Sibley offered the data to gain "pauper status" with the Court -- entitling him to skip the "insurmountable barrier" of paying the Court's $300 filing fee and the costs of printing 40 copies of his petition

You can also click here and view the You Tube interview by Wendy Cortez with Larry Flynt's Hustler Magazine (issue 2008 hit the stands Nov 13th) , her long time "business relationship" with him, how he kept his used condoms (ugh), and his tiny, tiny penis.

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