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Monday, December 03, 2007

Another day another major Nu Labour sleaze story

David Abrahams tells us that "a senior unnamed Labour MP" claims he approached him for an Earldom and half of Surrey.

In 2004, a man called George Crawford gave £36,000 to the Nu Labour party.

There is a solicitor with the same moniker in Newcastle - who (coincidentaly ?) has been a been a co-director in a company with John McCarthy, a fellow solicitor (so far unkown figurue) who was a bagaman for Abrahams. (see blogs past) .

Mr Crawford said when approached that he "did know Mr Abrahams" but was not " aware of his name being used to make a donation"

Craig Murray who has an evidently deep seated liking for the wee Wendy exposes more corruption North of the Border and the Herald stirs even deeper shit for wee Wendy - who one assumes will be ex Leader by teatime.

Toni Fabuloso says we should rig up an alcohol rub in the office after having had to type all this shit up.

Update Tuesday : MSP Charlie Gordon, who resigned last week as Labour's transport spokesman after it emerged he arranged an illegal donation from Jersey tycoon Paul Green, has now admitted he earlier supported the same businessman for an unspecified honour.

The move is understood to have happened between 2003-2005.

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