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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Browell Smith, Newcastle Solicitors - huge beneficiaries of miners claims are donors to Nu Labour

A National Audit Office report earlier this year showed that the cost of administering the claims of miners with disabling chest diseases far outstripped the amount of money that was paid out in compensation. "We estimate that, at 31 March 2007, around 69 per cent of all claimants paid compensation have received less than the average cost of administering the claims (£3,200 per claim up to March 2007)." Page 6

The total cost of administering the claims was £2.3bn and more than half of it (£1.3bn) went to pay private lawyers who brought the claims. For details as at 2004 see Hansard with detailks of all major firms involved. here

The Newcastle law firm Browell Smith & Co, received £54.6 million . The firm specialises in what some might call "ambulance chasing" and its major clients are the National Union of Mineworkers, GMB and TGWU and has offices throughout the North East. "Established in 1995 with the intention of serving the Trade Union movement and its members"

Dizzy Thinks< has uncovered the record of this firms generous donations to the Nu Labour Party ...Click on image or go to original record

A Total of
£ 24,633.00 some of which were odd sized donations - acting as a conduit? No. Impossible.

For those interested in this sort of thing the firm of Thompsons, Solictors who were the major company dealing with these miners claims nationwide record at Electoral Commision is here ...... they donated £ 121,990.00 in 55 items since March 2001.

Before you ask, neither Browell Smith or Thompsons donated to any other POlitical Party in the period.

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sam_m said...

I don't get out of bed to vote for someone for less than 25 grand. The sums quoted (if true) are paltry.

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