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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, December 07, 2007

David Abrahams .. feared "jewish conspiracy" so gave in in secret illegally etc., etc., "the dog ate my homework " ...

David Abrahams gave in secret ‘to quell conspiracy fears’
07/12/2007 - By Leon Symons and the JC Reporting Team

From his £1 million apartment overlooking London’s Regents Park, publicity shy, retiring confirmed bachelor businessman and controversial Labour donor David Abrahams (19 anonymous donations through at least 4 proxies over 4 years totalling at least 660K) ) told the Jewish Chronicle ...." he had made his donations secretly so as to avoid accusations of his being part of a “Jewish conspiracy”.

“The real reason I wanted to remain anonymous was that I didn’t want Jewish money and the Labour Party being put together because this is what I feared would happen. People would say there’s a Jewish conspiracy." ...which seems as good a reason as any to break the law for political donations.

Poor shy David evidently has some historical and heavy feelings about fun loving Jon Mendelsohn ..."He tried to alienate me from my own organisation that I had helped to build up. He slagged me off over it ..."

Anyway David is back in circulation and On Tuesday night, he topped the guest list at the Anglo-Israel Association’s fundraising dinner at the Savoy, arriving with a friend he introduced as Catherine Zalanowska.

They spent the evening at Table Number 1, flanked by a clearly anxious Anglo-Israel official and the Israeli ambassador’s Special Branch officer.

The JC also report the sadness expressed by Andrew Dismore when his fawning PMQ was met with ..."he said: “Some Tories shouted ‘Lord Levy’ and ‘David Abrahams’ when I said the word Jewish. There were a few of them heckling. "

“It’s neither here nor there that they [Lord Levy and Mr Abrahams] are Jewish, it’s irrelevant. The Prime Minister rose above it.”

One wonders why then, that Mr Dismore was so anxious to single out for the Prime Minister the Jewish community in such a way for special praise.

Shy retiring David hired a PR front last week ...Martin Minns. Guradian profile of this self promoting arsehole here ....and more detail from a 2002 Guradian article on this fascinating man ... who unlike shy David loves the limelight...

Pic is of a 5,000 year old clay temple lamp - make of it what you want.

UPDATE : Merde! The BBC are now reporting that David Abrahams says he NEVER gave the interview to the Jewish Chronicle reported above but the JC stand by it ..... Martin Minns, said in a statement: "Reported comments in the Jewish Chronicle have been misrepresented.

"He wanted to remain anonymous to protect his privacy and for no other reason.

Well he has got a funny fuckinhg way of remaining anonymous.

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