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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Randy Andy Hayman and the luscious female IPCC textee and phone sex enthusiast

Randy Andy Hayman it now appears was out of the doors of New Scotland Yard like a rat out of a drain when confronted with evidence of " improper contacts "with a female employee at the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Channel 4 News has reported that Randy Andy rang or texted the woman 400 times in two months Jan - Feb 2007 - nearly all out of hours. This was whilst they were investigating the murder by the Met of de Menezes. Such a contact ignored guidelines for senior police officers, these contacts were not disclosed. The lady was employed from January 06 at IPCC, left and is now employed at ACPO headquarters.

Channel 4 reported that he decided to retire on Monday, the same day that it put the allegations to him. An IPCC spokeswoman said last night: " We have satisfied ourselves as far as we can that there was no improper sharing of information. It appears the calls were not work related."

Readers may remember the suspension of an(un named) IPCC staff member in August for disclosing information in the de Menezes murder case...see more here

Readers may be interested in the light of remarks about heavy expenditure at ACPO on a counter terrorism command centre in relation to Randy Andy

Counterterrorism funding 28 Nov 2006 : Column WS84

In January 2006, the Government announced a single consolidated counterterrorism grant for the police service, enabling it to increase its counterterrorism capability and improve effectiveness. In order to achieve this, we pulled together resources from existing grants, including the provision for dedicated security posts formerly in general grant. For 2006-07, this totalled more than £460 million, including an extra £63 million for local and regional policing and £30 million for the MPS. In 2007-08, we will be increasing this extra funding to £100 million for local and regional policing and £45 million for the MPS. To enhance further the counterterrorism capability of police authorities, we have also made provision of £25 million within the increase in general grant to police authorities in 2007-08.

We have been working very closely with ACPO on this matter

ACPO HQ where this lady ended up working and with a new command centre out of funds over which no doubt Randy Andy had considerable influence and control...

Just as a reminder - it is not possible to invoke disciplinary procedures in the Met with an officer who has resigned.Ho.Ho.Ho.

Pic here is from the Norfolk Police News .... Pictured left to right: Heidi Tubby, Norfolk Constabulary Staff Officer, Simon Taylor Deputy Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary, Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive Guardian Newspapers Ltd and Susan Peerless, Norfolk Constabulary Senior HR Advisor Diversity.

Norfolk Constabulary was short listed for the new member award which is an award for diversity and equality programmes....does that make you start thinking of Common Purpose ?

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