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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Golden Sacks called in to save the Wreck - Luvvly Jubbly

Reuters are reporting that the Treasury announced yesterday (Saturday) Alistair Darling approved the involvement of Goldman Sachs on Friday to help secure funding for a "private" takeover of Northern Wreck.

A Treasury spokesman said the U.S. bank's fees would be paid by insolvent Northern Rock.

The frightened men in Whitehall and Threadneedle Street are really kacking their pants now.

To cheer them up here is a picture of the ginger one's scrubber who has forsaken rainy Leeds for the family's Durban exotic villa.

His bro is being sought by the SAS as their Colonel in Chief. Maybe they could use her as a mascot.

UPDATE : Further thought - who the fuck is 9in charge of what ? The Treasury announce the company is spending money on Golden Sacks? Nothing on the Company website except ..."Northern Rock is bringing out a new mortgage product range with effect from Sunday 16 December 2007. Among the changes is the introduction of a new 75% Loan To Value tier so that customers with a greater deposit or equity will benefit from a lower rate...." read on ...

Since when have the Treasury been offering PR services ? Who made the decision to call in Golden Sacks ? Was it Darling ? Is he acting as a Shadow Director ? Was it King of the bOE ? Was he acting as a Shadow Director ?....

UPDATE Sunday 10.30 EST

A Commentator mentions my friend Courtney - more about her in previous posts see

Oddly enough there have been a remarkable number of Google enquiries in the last 2/3 days about the lovey lady and her jusband and Miss Hogarth.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Be White's blog this morning. ' A conservatives Blog"
Re Jane Hogarth..Courtney Coventry etc

Shutter said...

We have now - see note above and link also search on Courtney Coventry as well.

Courtney has not been in touch for some time but she does have some amazing pictures.

George Dutton said...

"The question now being raised: Why did Goldman continue to peddle CDOs to customers early this year while its own traders were betting that CDO values would fall?"...


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