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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lee Jasper and his fascinating friends in Cultural Diversity

Collectors of self serving, lying Press release's from two faced, deceitful, dishonest politicians might carefully examine this one from Kenny Livingstone the Mayor of London ... Mayor's statement on the false allegations made by Andrew Gilligan 18 December 2007

In it comical Kenny he details 8 broad allegations made by Andrew Gilligan in a series od detailed articles in the London The Evening Standard from 5 December to 15 December - the last, " Secret emails expose Mayor aide scandal" which makes 8 separate very detailed allegations e.g "The emails - obtained by the Standard - show that Mr Jasper's friend, Joel O'Loughlin, grossly overcharged, deceived the LDA and failed to provide any of the services he promised."(See e mail May 1st 2007 )

The full story with all the links is here is here

A later Press release from Kenny is somehow is self Explanatory. Andrew Gilligan's false allegation about Lee Jasper's "godson" 18 December 2007 ... Apparently Lee doesn't have a god son.

All this is made more exciting by a further story in the Evening Standard today Ken confronted over grant scandal by Ross Lydall, City Hall Editor 18.12.07
apparently Brenda Stern a lawyer on secondment from a City law firm to the LDA and is evidently well informed in the matter of a series of grants, worth around £2.5 million in total, made by the LDA to organisations with which Mr Jasper has links. In several cases Mr Gilligan's investigations have raised questions about how the money was spent and the results - or lack of them - that were achieved.

Kenny accused her of a "stunt".

Which answers few questions but does raises one. Why doesn't Kenny reach for his lawyers, issue an injunction and follow it with a writ for libel against Gilligan and his employers ?


Joel O'Loughlin is a management consultant specialising in equality and diversity management. Joel is Group Director of Diversity International Ltd a successful business employing 5 people in Liverpool. Sandra St Rose is a Director and may be a graduate of Common Purpose - her fascinating website is here. They have a fascinating list of clients.

has held a number off senior positions in the voluntary sector over the past 25 years including Director of project Fullemploy, NCVO Trustee, Chair of the Urban Forum and a Commissioner on the Deakin Commission for the Future of the Voluntary Sector. Joel currently sits on the Board of Business Link Merseyside and is a BME regional representative on the North West Regional Assembly.

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