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Friday, December 14, 2007

NATO to meet and discuss why the fuck they are in Afghanistan and what to do when they are already in the swamp up to their neck in alligators

2007-12-05 [11:20] UK hosts international Afghanistan conference

PRNewswire-GNN London 5 December

London, 5 December /PRNewswire-GNN/ --

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (288/2007) issued by The Government News
Network on 5 December 2007

Not for publication or broadcast before
0001 hours Friday 14 Dec 2007


UK Defence Secretary Des Browne is to host a meeting of defence and foreign ministers from eight countries involved in the international coalition in southern Afghanistan.

Media are invited to the event in Edinburgh where Mr Browne will be joined by Foreign Office minister Lord Malloch-Brown. Matters of mutual interest about the future of southern Afghanistan will be discussed in this meeting.

WHEN: 14 December 2007. Media must arrive by 8.30am to be in the media area on site by 8.45am.

Delegates will start to arrive at 09:10 and arrivals shots will be permitted.

A "family photograph" between 11:00 and 11:30.

Media will also be permitted to do pieces to camera from outside the venue during the day, when the meeting is in session.

Des Browne will have a limited time available for one-to-one interviewsafter the meeting closes at around 15.30. Media wishing to interview the Defence Secretary should place their bids with the contacts below.

Media will be able to stay in the building throughout the day, with refreshments, internet access, and satellite truck access provided.

WHERE: British Army Headquarters, 2nd Division, Craigiehall, Edinburgh, EH30 9TN.

Media wishing to attend must register their interest in advance by the 11 December with Simon Steel or Rebecca Young in the MoD press office on 020 7218 7909 or 020 7218 5903, or Sara Reed, Defence press officer for Scotland, on 0131 310 2005.

For security reasons, media must provide full names, date of birth, gender, occupation, employer and address. A digital photograph is also needed and can be e-mailed to either simon.steel862@mod.uk or rebecca.young362@mod.uk Please also indicate whether you wish to bring a satellite truck.

There will also be a demonstration - for details go here

"Amidst an apparent blackout of world corporate media, Indymedia Scotland has learned that the NATO meeting will take place on the 14th of December, at Craigiehall. The meeting will be attended by defence ministers from 8 NATO countries, and other senior political and military officials who will be discussing the current situation in Afghanistan."

"UK Defence Secretary Des Browne, and the new foreign office minister for Africa, Asia and the UN Lord Malloch-Brown, will be hosting the meeting of defence and foreign ministers from the eight countries involved in the American imperialism in Afghanistan. All the countries that have troops in southern Afghanistan. the Urzugan, Helmad and Kandahar provinces, will be represented at the NATO event. Countries likely to attend are UK, US, Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia and Romania. US Defence Secretary Gates will be attending, as will Joel Fitzgibbons the new Australian Labour minister of defence ."

See also Chimes of Freedom thnx for map

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