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Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Randy" Andy - Sex in the City

On two consecutive nights in August 2006 "Randy" Andy Hayman, 48, in charge of terrism at the Metropolitan Police had drinks with an old friend from wayback, Mrs "Nikki" Nicola Redmond , who was working at the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) (at High Holborn - where she has been involved in developing SW regional communications strategy development) , at pubs near Liverpool Street station, London.

On the first occasion, Mrs Redmond went into the Phoenix pub on Old Throgmorton Street just by the Bank of England (see pic) , quickly followed by the police chief, where they spent a casual and happy hour over drinks. The next evening they met in the nearby The Boisdale of Bishopsgate ( " situated in the heart of the City, just opposite Broadgate and Liverpool Street Station"says their website ....and not to be confused with the Boisdale of Belgravia) for two hours.

Nikki knew Andy when she worked in the Scotland Yard Press Office - for example she helped organise a global conference on domestic violence taking place at the Queen Elizabeth 11 Conference Centre, London on 29th and 3 th October in 2000.

By 2003 Nikki was head of the MPS publicity Branch where she worked with Buongiornoan Italian " trendsetting, independent mobile media and technology company driving the burgeoning cellphone entertainment and personalization industry." who set up a much criticised programme to e-mail the way to use the Police emergency tekephone number.

Nikki later dealt with Andy when she was employed by an independent Press relations company, and he was the chief constable of Norfolk.

Nikki later secured a media relations job at the IPCC in January 2006 - she left in March this year.

Nikki , who's burly hubbyMichael is a policeman, started work in the last fortnight at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as a communications officer in the terrorism unit. ACPO, when asked, confirmed "Andy Hayman played no part in the recruitment process to this post." ... which is odd as he was at the time of her recruitment the top organiser of terror in London and they had known each other ... professionally for many years. Maybe that's not how recruitment works at ACPO.

PS : Regional Communications stratgey development does NOT involve over 400 texts / phone calls from "Randy" Andy in Jan / Feb 2007 when the IPCC were building up the de Menezes murder report.They were ...er...er purely personal.

All of this of course makes you wonder who the happy snapper was, who caught "Randy" Andy and "Nicki" engaged in what would in other circumstances look suspiciously like a drugs deal - maybe Nikki was showing him a better way to grip a mobile for texting ?

All this was of course long after the BBC reported on 13th Feb this year ...

Police criticised for terror raid

Mr Koyair and Mr Abdulkahar
The brothers have not been charged with any offences
A watchdog has told the Metropolitan Police to apologise to the two families involved in the "terrifying experience" of the Forest Gate anti-terrorism raid.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it had upheld a small number of complaints about the operation in East London in June 2006.

IPCC commissioner Deborah Glass said: "I've concluded that the police were right to take no chances with public safety.

"But they were wrong not to have planned better for the intelligence being wrong.

"We have upheld a small number of complaints involving treatment in custody.


Anonymous said...

Haman speaking at the Met Police Press conference at 15:45 on 22/07/05:

It was said yesterday by colleagues that following such an event as yesterday evidence opportunities and intelligence opportunities increase. That is the case.

If anyone knows they believe the identities of these men, or has other information about them or their movements, they should contact the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

What I would like to do now is deal with all scenes individually and describe to you about the events that occurred there and also show you the images that a relevant to those scenes.

At the Oval underground station a device was left in a carriage on a Northern line train traveling northbound. The image we are now showing shows a man running away from the northern line at the Oval underground station at approx 12:34hrs yesterday.

We believe this man had traveled northbound on the northern line from Stockwell underground station to the Oval. He was wearing a dark top with the words ‘New York’ written in white across the front. This top was later found in Cowley Road, Brixton.

A device was left at the rear of the top deck of the Route 26 bus travelling from Waterloo to Hackney Wick. The image that is now showing is of a man at the rear of the top deck on that bus at about 12:53.

He got off the bus at Hackney Road at approximately 1306hrs. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with what appears to have a palm-tree design on the front and a dark jacket with, and a white baseball cap.

At Warren Street a device was left in a carriage on the northbound Victoria line. The image that is now showing of the third person we want to identify shows a man leaving Warren Street underground station at approximately 12:39. He was wearing dark clothing.

Finally, at Shepherd’s Bush a device was left on a Hammersmith & City line train travelling westbound. This final image that is showing is of a man at Westbourne Park underground station at approximately 12:21. We believe he then travelled westbound on the Hammersmith & City line to Shepherd’s Bush underground station where he ran from the station. He was wearing a dark shirt and trousers and was later reported to be wearing a white vest.

Yesterday’s incidents do bear similarities to the bomb attacks in London on July 7th in as much as there were three underground trains and a bus that were targeted. There are other features that are emerging which are also of interest to detectives.

Sean Jeating said...

[...] which is odd as he was at the time of her recruitment the top organiser of terror in London [...]

You find me puzzled, Sir. And he is still on the loose?

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